Saturday, July 19, 2008

Totally lazy blog post:Soccer and water fun.

Ayman at soccer pratice....It is kinda funny to watch the kids are interested; kinda.

Jennah shows us her tortilla chip. Look closely in her mouth.

Jennah, showing her Daddy an absolutely fascinating leaf.

Jennah and Ayman love to play in the hose in front of the house. They are supposed to be watering the plants, but it doesn't really end up that way. They get way more water then than the plants.

I put the nozzle on the misty setting. It was totally boring, so it didn't last very long. And that concludes my very lazy, mostly pictorial post. Ayman is in his last week of summer school, i am still plugging along in school myself, and we are moving on September first. Woo Hoo! I love moving, I mean, who doesn't? Packing up all the crap you have accumulated, loading it into a truck taking, it off the truck, unpacking it, getting rid of boxes, settling in. it is totally awesome. Can you detect my sarcasm? Because I am laying it on pretty thick.