Friday, October 26, 2007

My daughter scares me.

She is a daredevil. She isn't scared of anything-and that scares me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Portraits and Peeps

After showing his breasts, Mr. Peepers goes for his well earned beads.

Ok, we dont know if it is a boy or a girl yet, and I am not gonna go all Mike Rowe and squeeze out its poop to try and sex it.

The top picture is me and the kids in one of my awesome self portraits. It isn't that Amr wouldn't take the picture, I just like to take self portraits.

Pumpkins and Mr. Peepers

Jennah with a Jennah size pumpkin.

Amr takes a call on the princess phone.

Ayman is a swinger.

So my dad grew pumpkins in his yard this year, and we went over to pick them about a week and a half ago. While we were in the backyard we kept hearing a loud peeping noise, like a baby bird. That was weird because it is October and all. Then about a half hour later, Petie, my Dad's terrier started chasing something, It was a baby chicken. So meet the new Nasr- Mr. Peepers.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eid fun

Kol senna winta taybeen!
Jennah, Ayman and Amr went to an Eid celebration at this pizza place in town, her are some pictures from that.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wow, I suck at blogging these days.

I have too much stuff going on. Anyone who knows me knows this. Now add to this a total addiction for the show nip/tuck, and the fact that i have downloaded seasons one thru three onto my computer, and school is getting harder, you can figure out something will suffer somewhere. I can promise you now that i will post awesome pictures of the kids from Halloween, and probably the Eid celebration, which is tommorow. I do have a nice pic of Jennah and Ayman in the tub that i will post tonight. Jennah ran past me to get to the bathroom. I thought she would be waiting for me when I got in there, but she had already gotten in the tub. In her clothes and diaper. It weighed as much as her. She is a nut.
Here is what is new around me.

  • Ayman says "no" way too much

  • Jennah says "no" way too much

  • I have lost 20lbs since august.

  • I have a 3.87 gpa

  • there are 74 alumni from the class of 89 on my myspace reunion page.

  • I am putting off listening to the last disc of "The Time Travellers wife" because I know it ends badly (damn, it Wikipedia).

  • My dad teaches at my school now.