Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Okay this time for real- Lets hope it is a better one than 2005 was.

Cool i broke 10000 visitors on my blog, woo hoo!

Be safe, all.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crappy- I Mean Happy New Year.

Well, my mom found my car. Apparently it is partially dismantled on off of highway twelve, which is near the delta, a famous place for dumping (and then usually torching) stolen cars. Her boyfriend says it has been there for a couple of Weeks. Hopefully the sheriffs department won't bother to get a hold of us when they find it. I don't want it. It has no bumpers, hubcaps, has front end damage and god knows what else- my mom couldn't get down there to really check it out. I am sure there is a lot more going on then that. Bastards.

On a more positive note, I had a great Xmas. I got everything I wanted and some stuff I didn't know I wanted. It was cool. Ayman got some cool stuff too. His grampa got him a whole buttload of gardening tools for the summer when they will plant a garden together at his house. That will be really cool.

I found the thing I want for the new baby on babies r us--It is a "cosleeper" I had never heard of it, but it looks like a great idea. Plus all the people that got bassinets (which is what I was looking at originally) were complaining about how they should have just gotten cosleepers. So I punched that in, and Voila! Exactly what I was picturing. Apparently they are great for breastfeeding moms, and since that is what I am planning to be, I guess I will try it out. The only bummer-- They are like 129.00. They really stick you on the baby stuff. Next week I have another doctors appointment. I guess we will try again to see what the baby is. My friend Nelsy thinks it is a girl- I know, our friends always decide what we are having like they know but this is like better than an educated guess. She ultrasounded me 2 weeks ago. We saw no balls. I have never seen any balls. With the boy, I saw them. Really good. He like spread his legs for all to see. Not this one. She appears to be modest. I guess we will see. I have to do the glucose tolerance test before my appointment and I HATE THAT GLUCOLA CRAP. I hope I don't have the gestational diabetes though. I don't think I do. I didn't last time. Oh well whatever happens happens I guess. Just gotta go with the flow.

Well I am gonna go to bed now....I was sleeping. Really good. Then Ayman decided he wasn't happy with the bottle we gave him to go to bed with. After a HALF HOUR. No I am serious. He was in there all quiet for a half hour and then just started making all kinds of noise. So I got up and got him more milk, then I can't get back to sleep. I suppose I shouldn't complain-- in about 12 weeks I am not gonna be getting sh*t for sleep, so I should enjoy this while I can.

I'm out, y'all--Peace.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bah Humbug

I know I stated before that the holidays are not the best time for me blogging wise. But, now, I feel guilty because I have been lagging. So I give to you the month in pictures.

BTW- for those of you who give a ratsa** about my "Sandy" situations I have been quiet too long. She came back like six weeks ago and has called in sick several times since then, always with her weekends. She has resumed an annoying habit of singing Xmas carols in the halls of the hospital and while drawing patients and, surprise, surpass is still tweeking her ass off. She got some pictures taken of herself (we have since found that she is writing to prisoners in the jail, so she probably got them done for that reason...Way to go married mother of two-) that are practically porn, she is actually straddling a chair in one- and put them in a xmas card she handed out to all the departments. I found out yesterday she has been put on leave of absence for this week. I don't know why but I did hear a rumor that someone slipped one of these xmas cards under the door to the bosses office. LOVELY.

Anywho, that is about it. I am fat, pregnant and not with out heartburn but other wise a ok. hope you all are too.

Oh and have i mentioned that three weeks ago today some bastards stole my 15 year old honda accord? Jerks. Just thought i would throw that out there. Merry Freakin' Christmas.

Ayman At CPK for his birthday dinner, with cars from Uncle Alex and Aunt Renee. Posted by Picasa December 9th, 2005

Uncle Alex and Auntie Renee Posted by Picasa

MMMMMM birthday brownie Posted by Picasa December 9th, 2005

The boy loves chocolate, wonder where he gets that? Posted by Picasa December 9th, 2005

Have a Cheesy Xmas.

 Posted by PicasaThe boy can't help it, he oozes cheese.

Family Picture. this was taken at my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Pams, where we had family Christmas this year. We do it the Sunday before Christmas, so everyone can stay and enjoy themselves. It was a very nice day. Posted by Picasa

Aymans favorite things: His Daddy and Potato Chips. Posted by Picasa

All of the cousins pose for a picture. My bro is having wayyyy too much fun. Posted by Picasa

this is a picture of from l to r My mom, Uncle gary, Uncle James, Uncle Dennis, My great Grandmother VoVo, and Uncle Brian who just safely and with no injuries returned from a tour in Iraq with National Guard. Posted by Picasa Wow, it just occured to me that they all have moustaches. My momm too if she didn't shave. hahahaha I am just kidding i love you mom and your facial hair (oh what like i don't have it too?)

Uncle alex helps the boy open THE MOST ANNOYING TOY IN THE WORLD. I have hidden this toy, people. God forgive me. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pictures from Egypt Posted Late.

for my brother in law, Ayman and his friend Amgad i post these pictures from Egypt. Posted by Picasa

Amgad and Ayman  Posted by Picasa

Cousins Koki and Ahmed Posted by Picasa

A cousins party at Amrs mothers house in Shoubra  Posted by Picasa

Ayman kibir and Ayman zughir Posted by Picasa

Ayman bogarts the shisha while Amgad looks on. Posted by Picasa

Egyptian Cousins Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aymans Birthday Celebration

 Posted by PicasaAyman and the awesome cake i made him for his 2nd Birthday party.

Ayman gets a lesson on unwrapping presents from Uncle Alex. Posted by Picasa

Ayman checks out the lawn mower that Grampa gave him while Tavia looks on. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tis the Season

Ayman enjoying fall foliage Posted by Picasa
Yes, dear readers, tis the season for me to be a blog flake.

It gets really hard for me to do the ole blog this time of year. It seems like there is just too much to do, so something suffers. I guess I just need to allocate the time and do it, but then this thing that I think is fun, will turn into work and I just don't want it to be that way. Oh well. I will get over my blog guilt and get on with it here.

Amr and Ayman returned from Egypt a week ago. Ayman was a whole new guy. He was stuck on Amr like glue. He got hysterical for like three days whenever his dad left the room. Now though, he is stuck on me and when his dad comes home from work he barely bats an eye, so that is back to normal. The boy wakes up a couple of times a night though, so he has kind of regressed. Although, if I don't give him a real nap, (like I used too, everyday at 2 or 3 pm, in his crib, with a bottle) he will go to bed at 9 pm. I used to dream of him going to bed at 9 pm, thinking it would give me time to do things after he sleeps. You wanna know what I do after he sleeps? I sleep. pathetic. I am asleep by 10. I suck. His birthday is on the 9th of December, so I am busy planning that, he will be turning 2. I finally get to have the party at my own place. I am sure this will be highly overrated. As I posted previously, while the boys were gone I got a lot done at my place as far a settling in goes. Now I don't mind the thought of having people over. Everything has a place and is neat. I have even managed to make it look like Christmas threw up in my living room. Now, when the baby is awake I get to look forward to saying "don't touch that Christmas tree!" at least 5 times an hour if not more. I think he will be getting the idea soon though, he is smart like that.

I have been off work for over a week now and will be going back on Friday. Hopefully I will get to ultrasound the baby again then, but if not I will get to try and see what I am having on the 7th of December. The new baby is very active, and unfortunately, still making me hurl about once a week. Which is really nothing compared to the incontinence. Let me just take this time to share with you my bladder woes. I caught a really crappy cold after the boys got back. With a very bad cough. Not the best thing to have when you are pregnant with the second kid and your bladder control left something to be desired in the first place. I am Pee Mom. Making fun of my mom is coming back to bite me on the ass as she said it would. I cant cough, laugh or sneeze without seriously peeing my pants. This used to be controlled by crossing my legs whenever I needed to do the above. But for the last week I have been coughing so much and so frequently that one time I actually coughed, peed and farted at the same time. TMI, I know, but you can stop reading at anytime. I am a mess.

So, are you secretly wishing that I didn't post anything ever again? Not-so-secretly? I am sure you aren't alone. I am going to try to post more often now, but, seriously I can't promise anything til after the new year in the means of regularity. Stick with me though. I'll be here eventually.

Ayman enjoying Uncle Alex Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 18, 2005

I Am Still Alive

Although my house has been child and husband-free for the last three weeks I have not really been around. Sorry folks. I am here to tell you that I am still alive and will be blogging very soon. Since I have had only myself at the ole homestead I have been doing some revamping. Some new furniture, cleaning carpets, my mom put new sticky tile in my bathrooms, and boy, it looks great. So now this weekend I go to work, "Sandy" has returned by the way-- and put the finishing touches on my place before my husband and son come home and tear it up.

Life is good.

Oh, and I also turned 34 on the 15th of this month.
not so great.

In baby news, after three separate attempts to see what the gender of my baby is, we so far, have had no luck whatsoever. It is stubborn and turns its back to the ultrasound.
I don't know where the kid gets it.

I gotta go, but I just wanted y'all to know I am not dead or anything.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

This time of year.

I love this time of year. Halloween is my favorite Non-Holiday-Holiday. I have decorated my front porch very spooky, but have not gotten any treats for trick or treaters yet because, well, I will just eat them.

But this year it is a sad time as well.....

The husband and the boy are going to Egypt on Thursday. We have really been gearing up for that. We went to wal-mart and bought lots of clothes for each of the kids. That was fun, but my husband was kind of stressing over it. We got it done in like 1.5 hours. That is shoe shopping included, so I am happy, and so is my spouse.

I don't know what I am going to do with three weeks of "me" time. It will be strange. I think I will work a lot and build up the xmas fund. That is if I can stand to do it. I don't envy Amr traveling with the boy to Egypt. That will be hell, by himself. I came back with him when he was 2 months. Hard to maneuver, yes. But he was 2 months. He slept ate and pooped then. Now he has this whole personality to deal with and I think I will be a challenge. Not that he isn't a pleasant child because he really is. But, lets be realistic here. a 16 hour air trip is hard on adults, and time goes by faster for us I think. I can't imagine how it will be for Ayman. (Amr too, for that matter) Let's not over think it shall we? It is hard enough as it is.

Well, time to go to bed, I just got off work. One more night to go and I am done for four glorious days. I hate the fact that I am going to the airport to see them off because I know I am going to cry and I don't like to do that. Oh well, so be it.
Hopefully I will be writing again on Monday with some pictures from my moms exploits at the exotic erotic ball. I will keep you all posted. I am also considering guest blogging over there but you will just have to check there yourself to see if I do.
nighty night.

How very Halloweenie. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17, 2005

Your different Names

I got this from Heidi on My Space. It looked like fun so i did it.

(name of first pet, street you grew up on)
Joey Spyglass
Yep, pretty porny.

(grandmother on father's side first name, favorite snack)
Ruth Cupkake
that sounds porny too.

(first word you see on your left, favorite restaurant)
digital california cafe

(first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name)

(favorite animal, name of high school)
Westie East Union
could be worse.

(middle name, city where you were born):
Denise Bellflower could work.

(name of sibling/parent [opposite sex], cell phone company you use):
Alex Cingular
ok, that sucks.

(first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name)
yeah, that is pretty space geeky.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quality Grampa Time and 22 Months.

I dont know why this link is here. ignore it.

 Posted by Picasastyle='border:0px;padding:0px;background:transparent;' align='absmiddle'>
On Friday at around 11 am my dad called and asked "Can Ayman come out and play?"
He wanted to take the boy for a while. Me having to work that night, and always down for a break, gave a resounding "YES." So my dad came and got him. They were gone for three and a half hours. When they got back at around 2:30ish, I was surprised by many things. First, he took him over to Wal-Mart and got him a new outfit, including shoes. No small feat. (hahaha) Then he took him over to the photographer, and had his picture taken, in the aforementioned new outfit. I don't have a scanner to show you the pictures, but let's just say that my baby boy looks like a big boy. I can't believe it. My husband saw the pictures and said, "What is he like, 10 years old now?"

 Posted by Picasa
After the pictures were taken, They went to have a wonderfully-delicious-and-so-good for-you meal at Carl's Jr. (Hardees to you all in the east) Ayman got a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trick or treat bucket. Then they came back home. All this was done, might I add, with Petie the Westie traveling with them, in his doggie carseat, which was right next to Aymans baby carseat. If the baby carseat is in the car, but no doggie seat, Petie will sit in the baby seat. Even if there is a baby in it. He is good like that.

 Posted by Picasa
So, when they came home my dad had him in this outfit, which is just a modification of what he took the pictures in. I love it when little kids wear overalls with no shirt underneath. It is so cute. I actually have some pictures of my brother Alex and I in Oshkosh biballs taken by my uncle Jim When we were like 5 and 2 ( I am the oldest.) So I couldn't help myself, I got all snappy with the camera. But hey, what are they for anyway?

One year ago at Abdu and Hebas.  Posted by Picasa
Then as I was making this post, I looked at the date. It is time for Aymans 22 Month post.
So lets talk about what you have been doing this month, shall we? Well, for starters, it is your second Ramadan. When Daddy goes to the mosque in the evenings, when Momma is at work, you go with him. Unfortunately, he cannot stay for the Taraweeah. You have become very comfortable in the mosque so you will be "making all kinds of noisy" as daddy puts it, and doing things you should not, like playing with the water dispenser. For a couple of trips Daddy brought little animals for you to play with, (thanks gramma) but that only holds you over for a couple of the prayers raka now. You are making a lot more noises now, all kinds of different sounds. Maybe talking is just around the corner for you pipsqueek. And finally your most irritating, yet funny, (sometimes) action this month is.....(hold for fanfare) Throwing things in toilets. If mommy or daddy leave their bathroom door open you will chuck anything you can get your hands on into the toilet. You and daddy went to the bay area to visit this weekend, and he told me that not once but twice you went into Tanta Hagas bathroom, and threw all the stuff in the toilet. The second time you did it daddy himself had to take everything out of it and wash it off. Today though, when daddy went to get some gas, and I was making this post, you decided to go chuck some stuff in our toilet. Again. Today, it was an entire roll of toilet paper, one of my scrunchies and a little box. Too much fun.
Well I suppose that is it for now, this is a really long post, all for you.
Mommy and Daddy love you, Baby.