Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thirty days to go!

My due date is in 30 days. I can't believe this pregnancy is drawing to a close. I keep thinking, "Oh, I can't wait until this baby is born, so I can get some quality sleep."
HA HA! (Nelson from the Simpsons laugh)
Then I remember: if the pregnancy is over, I will have a little creature to nurse every 3 hours. Crap! Breastfeeding is totally efficient though, so I should be able to stay lazy for a couple of days before I go back to chasing a toddler as well. I hope the baby comes before the due date. She is huge already, and very assertive with her feet and elbows. All I know is the epidural will be happening, because I am not stupid. I wanna have the baby, I don't need to be a hero. Bring on the spinal drugs!
My baby shower is on Saturday, and it will be given by my mom and sister-in law Renee. (I have the greatest sis-in-law, people! Seriously. Mom too, for that matter.) The RSVP action has been sluggish, so I don't know how many people are really coming but it will be cool no matter what.
Tomorrow is pregnant lady beautification day. I will be going for my facial/neck waxing and pedicure. Super sweet! Maybe I should forget about the pedicure and get a Brazilian wax YEEEOOOOOOOWCHHH! But, hey I would be super smooth! I could even get a kooky hair configuration. You know, like a heart, mohawk or smurf (just kidding about the last one.)I think I am going to look into that. Maybe I could get a pedicure next week. I think I may be going insane to even entertain that thought.
Stay tuned folks for more disgusting pregnancy observations, and I will make sure to let you know when we see the good ole' mucus plug (hahahahahahah that is just gross, but I promise I won't take a picture of it. Ok, I won't make a promise I can't keep, but I am relatively sure I won't photograph it and post it on this site.)
Having a blog when you are pregnant sure is cool (the internet shudders....)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No, it isn't kiddie porn....

Posted by PicasaMy name is Ayman, and I am a Saggitarius. I enjoy long walks, cookies, and a crisp apple juice on a sunny day. If you like Dora the Explorer and Teletubbies, give me a call--Maybe we could hook up. 2 and under only, Prefer fluffier babes.

Ok, that is a joke personal ad, I can't beleive that I would even have to write that. Thank you Uncle Alex for the black box.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Grooming and Hygiene of Pregnant Women

Well I got my hair highlighted yesterday,(I used my xmas present that my dad gave me-- a 100 dollar gift card for Regis hairstylists, totally expensive, man!) so I got that going for me. This week I will be going to get a pedicure and a waxing as well. I looked in the rear view mirror of my car last week and found some appalling hair sticking out of my chin and neck.... Hello! This took a while to happen, people! How come nobody told me? I mean, one of those billy goat hairs was like, an inch long! Holy crap! It just didn't pop out over night, it had to grow. That takes time. I guess it is my fault for A.) Not looking at my double chin (I guess if I don't look at it, it means it isn't' there) and 2.) Not checking those suspect areas in the first place. Speaking of suspect areas-- (and male relatives from Egypt, stop reading now please, I am about to talk about pregnant woman stuff you just don't need to read--) I finally took a look at my so-called "bikini area" (like I will ever wear a bikini again, for several reasons, fatness only being like the second one) I look like a Sasquatch. I actually envisioned that picture of Bigfoot, you know the one....

oh yeah, that's it. Posted by Picasa
I totally forgot about that area. Not now though. I am going to try to come up with some way I can prune some of that back. I am not very optimistic though, due to the fact I can barely put on my shoes and socks. This odyssey will be over soon though, and I will be in for a whole host of other things to bitch and moan about. Anyway, I will sign off now, and think about some more undesirable crap I can post on this blog. I'll get back to ya later.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Rebuttal To My Previous Post....

My cousin read my blog and had this rebuttal. I thought I would post it in the interest of fairness.

"Yes Cassie for your info I do read your blog and if that is how you feel about me well no sweat off my brow. And also for your info I did not have a bunion I had a bone spur so get your facts correct .And since were being so blunt I don't call your kid for his birthday well I have a kid too, goes both ways. And as far as all the Holidays go those were things that did come up and what is it to you anyways Our so called Family Christmas isn't Christmas it's all about who brings the good gifts. Lets get real about what a family Chritsmas means, to me it means getting together having a dinner and just enjoying each other. But with our family it just isn't that way. And I know for a fact that all of you talk about me and My Dad I've known that for years but I just go and play the game you all do, be nice to there face, talk about them when they leave. It's been this way in our family all of my life and let's be honest with each other you and I have never seen eye to eye. I don't really care what any of you think about me because I will live my life anyway I want. And if I don't want to attend a Family function ,well that is my right. Well like you quoted in your long ass letter about me I feel so much better to get this off my chest"

*****Cass here, wanting to add that I have never talked trash on Alicias dad. The man has a good heart, and can fight his own battles. I am hoping anyone who reads this, that is in my family, will allow Alicia and I to have our own differences and not jump in. Thanks.*****

Thursday, February 09, 2006

So I Am A Bitch....It Is MY Blog, Isn't It?

Ok, I am sorry. I guess I have just had enough of the bullsh*t. I am sure more than one person can relate to what I am gonna say and, probably more than one person will say "why does she let it bother her?" So here goes.

I have a cousin. I won't put her name up here but all my family knows who I am talking about. Hell, she might even visit this blog. I mean there is a link from our family website to this one, right here. Anywho, this cousin is a flake and it really pisses me off. I mean, ok, here: We all hate family obligations sometimes. But that is what they are. OBLIGATIONS. This one gets out of them everyt time it seems. In the last three years she has made it to our families' Xmas once. Yes, once. We have had family Xmas the Sunday before Xmas for years now so everyone can make it. You know when it is coming an entire year in advance. If you have a calendar you can look at it. The Sunday before Christmas. It isn't hard. For Xmas of 2003, she said she had Traffic School. Traffic School people!What traffic school is held on a Sunday? Before Xmas? When my aunt and I asked her daughter where she was, the reply was, "my mom cut her finger and couldn't come." Do you smell the bullsh*t? I sure do; and it gets better. Here is a list of her most recent excuses, in her own words taken from the family website we have. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

This post was regarding the Thanksgiving and Xmas holidays this year:

Felicia Barcia - Nov 7, 2005 Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item
"Happy holidays to everyone so glad to hear Uncle Ryan coming home what a great present for us all. Kaylie (her daughter) spends Thanksgiving every year for the past 6 years with Jon's family. And as for Bill and I we will not be attending and of the Holidays this year. On Nov 18th I will be having Surgery on my foot I will be off work for a few months. But the doctor said for the first 6 weeks I have to stay off of my foot and no driving. Grandma and Grandpa already know because Kaylie and I went out to see them and take there Birthday cards to them. Bill is having his Mom, brother and stepdad here at our house for Thanksgiving and is making the whole dinner. As far as I know My dad and Jan will have Kaylie for Christmas I haven't talked to them in awhile. I wish everyone well and to have a great Thanksgiving please give Uncle Ryan a great big hug for me.Happy Holidays to all. P.S, Bill and I went out to see my mom in South Dakota and we had a layover in Denver while we were sitting there Bill noticed this women walking by it was mimi from the Drew Carey show if any watches that. And then all of a sudden we look up and it was Drew Carey walking by so I got to shake his hand and meet him he was real nice I thought it was kinda cool so I thought I'd share that with all of you love you all"

(OK, I understand her not coming to thanksgiving. But Xmas? a month later? She had a bunion shaved down for goodness sakes. Oh and By the way, that uncle she is talking about just came back from a tour in Iraq, but no problem. And I am so glad she could share with us that tidbit about Drew Carey.)

This post was regarding an invitation to our other cousins 13th birthday:

Felicia Barcia- Jan 11, 2006 Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item
"Well I wish Lynnie a Happy birthday but I am still on crutches and Kaylie (her daughters') Best friends B-day is on the 19th so Kaylie will be going with her and her parents up to there cabin in Twain Hart and going skiing so Lynnie I hope you have a nice B-day."

(Gee, big surprise there. Oh, and still milking the MINOR surgery angle.)

And finally, regarding my baby shower:

Felicia Barcia - Feb 7, 2006 Edit | Delete | Viewers | Reply to this item
"Cassie sorry I will not be able to make the shower we have already had plans for that weekend. Good luck with the baby"

So there you have it. I am not necessarily mad that she can't come to my shower although she used almost the same exact excuse last time I had a baby shower, and didn't bother to RSVP or wish my son Happy birthday, it just really rubs me wrong. This is just a sampling. She has only had a computer for like a year and a half.
We have had the website for like, 4 years. Ok, I dunno, what my point is. I am sure if I babble here a little more I might find one though. One time when she cancelled on Xmas The night before mind you, ( I think she just doesn't want to spend the money on gifts) I let her have it. I spoke for no one but myself. Well, she got on the horn and had people so pissed that a couple set of Aunts and Uncles weren't going to come. These people talk a gangload of sh*t about her too, but when it comes right down too it, say nothing. So I have learned to keep my mouth shut. Ok, so this isn't exactly keeping my mouth shut, anyone who doesn't like it can just suck it, and quit reading, cuz this is my blog, Y'all.
Whew, I think I feel better now.
Crisis averted.

White Trash Parenting Tip.

Do you have a sick toddler?
Is said sick toddler refusing to drink any kind of fluids?
Does that same toddler enjoy drinking bathwater?
Well i have a tip for you.

Posted by Picasa
Put that kid into a bathtub with a measuring cup and let him go to town!
Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Being sick sucks. Having a sick toddler when you are sick sucks even more. Ayman won't drink from his sippy cup unless his father or I hold it. He also throws a hissy at meal time for like 5 minutes, then he might eat if you don't make a big deal of it. He ate an entire piece of pizza tonight that Amr fed him. Go figures. He is a little snot goblin, and anytime he comes near me I have to check his hands and face to make sure I am not going to be a "mommy Kleenex". TMI, right? I guess people have no desire to read these things, and that is fine. I can embarrass Ayman with these trivialities when he has a girlfriend.
Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sick, and stuff

Ok, before I forget, that girl "Sandy" the tweaker at my job finally got fired. Woo Hoo, there is justice in the world.

And now on the homefront....My son woke up last Thursday night with croup. That is scary if you have never experienced it before. I had to have Grampa (a respiratory therapist)come over and check him out at 1 in the morning. Thank goodness for that. Turns out a really good thing for croup is cool air. So we bundled the boy up in his jacket and walked down the street and back (to my dads, actually. He lives down the street.) It worked pretty good. Unfortunately, now he is just plain sick. Like most men when they get sick, he is miserable and pathetic, and nothing makes him happy. I just want to hold him and rock him, and let him use me as his own personal Kleenex. Not that I have a choice in this. The boy will actually sneeze, cough then come up to you to be held and run his face back and forth on your shirt to rid his face of snot. Another favorite place for him to dispose of the snot is on the back of his hands. So I am wiping his hands and his nose. (when he isn't wiping them on me.) And all that isn't the kicker. Now my nose is running copiously and I too, am sneezing. I wonder how Ayman would feel if I wiped my nose on him for a change? Maybe we will find out tomorrow. Things do get boring around here. So, that is it, I guess. I have some days of this illness to look forward to, (and if I sneeze and cough enough, I will be bustin' out the adult incontinence supplies again.) I think I gave it to my mom too. The crappyness of it is Ayman gave it all to us. I think he got it from the mall playgrounds, we take him to two different ones and he loves it, but you know there is a ton of germs in those places. I call it the Petri Dish. What can you do though? If he was in daycare it would be way worse. I can't exactly bubble-wrap him.

Oh well, adult diapers and oj it is for me, c'mon weekend, when I can allow myself to really be sick.

Ok, it's NiNi time over here y'all so, Peace out.