Sunday, February 19, 2006

Grooming and Hygiene of Pregnant Women

Well I got my hair highlighted yesterday,(I used my xmas present that my dad gave me-- a 100 dollar gift card for Regis hairstylists, totally expensive, man!) so I got that going for me. This week I will be going to get a pedicure and a waxing as well. I looked in the rear view mirror of my car last week and found some appalling hair sticking out of my chin and neck.... Hello! This took a while to happen, people! How come nobody told me? I mean, one of those billy goat hairs was like, an inch long! Holy crap! It just didn't pop out over night, it had to grow. That takes time. I guess it is my fault for A.) Not looking at my double chin (I guess if I don't look at it, it means it isn't' there) and 2.) Not checking those suspect areas in the first place. Speaking of suspect areas-- (and male relatives from Egypt, stop reading now please, I am about to talk about pregnant woman stuff you just don't need to read--) I finally took a look at my so-called "bikini area" (like I will ever wear a bikini again, for several reasons, fatness only being like the second one) I look like a Sasquatch. I actually envisioned that picture of Bigfoot, you know the one....

oh yeah, that's it. Posted by Picasa
I totally forgot about that area. Not now though. I am going to try to come up with some way I can prune some of that back. I am not very optimistic though, due to the fact I can barely put on my shoes and socks. This odyssey will be over soon though, and I will be in for a whole host of other things to bitch and moan about. Anyway, I will sign off now, and think about some more undesirable crap I can post on this blog. I'll get back to ya later.

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