Monday, April 30, 2012

Cupcake bouquet...

I did a cupcake bouquet for a garden themed birthday party on Sunday, and I think it turned out great. Here ya go, instructions! (Sharing is caring people!)

1 six inch pot
1 pot saucer
1 six inch floral ball
Popsicle sticks
glue gun and sticks
a rock to weigh it down.

Glue the saucer to the bottom of the clay pot.  Put the rock in the pot.  Glue the floral ball to the opening of the pot. Stick Popsicle sticks around the ball about a half inch above where it meets the pot, all the way around, spaced about an inch an a half apart. Stagger the next row up and so on.  I recommend using one cupcake to get a feel for the spacing before placing all the Popsicle sticks. Place the Popsicle sticks angled upwards.  The bouquet takes 19-20 cupcakes.  make a slit in the bottom of the cupcake about the width of the Popsicle stick, then place the cupcakes on the sticks. for empty spaces I tucked in tissue but you could easily stick in leaves or fresh greenery as well. Please note you need a denser cake, with no filling and a firmer frosting, (not a whipped frosting) the bottom row is a little precarious, and if the day is warm and you are outside, that frosting is going to slip right off those suckers. It is very pretty and versatile... The possiblilities, they are endless!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nojo "Safari Baby" inspired cookies

I did these cookies for a baby shower.  So cute.  I was inspired by Targets Nojo collection, "Safari Baby".  To accompany the cookies I made Boston Cream Pie cupcakes.  The feedback was very good on both items.  I think my skillz are improving.  I just wish Michaels had better treat bags.  the ones I get (the only ones they have that i find acceptable) have a narrow neck that I have to slit to get bigger cookies into.  Bigger cookies are basically every cookie, so that really sucks.  I am going to have to look at Ebay or Amazon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for a rehearsal dinner.  The Mickey and Minnie's are made with royal icing that I dried.  How crafty am I?  I really love the way they turned out.
The cupcake flavors are lemon cake, make with 7up, and white cake, with a whole strawberry and some fresh strawberry filling in in it.  They turned out delightful.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cookies for Baby's Arrival...

 Still doing cookies.  Here we have baby bottles ad rattles.  I used sanding sugar on the outline of the rattles, but chose to leave the bottles somewhat plainer, but I am very happy with the result. I have to say I really am enjoying the cookies. I also made a delicious marble cake this week with a fresh strawberry filling in it.  So hmmm, what have i learned with this batch...Ahh yes. Pressure.  When using a #1 tip for lettering, pressure is so important, but even more important: consistency.  Icing consistency is incredibly important in achieving the effect you desire.  I think i am finally getting that.  When I made thos batch of cookies I also made lamb and duckie cookies, but i am lazy and have not iced them yet.  Rest assured when I do I will be pinning them.  Thanks to you visitors, for checking out my work.  I appreciate it!