Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween '06

Well, I think I can declare this years Halloween a success. After working on Ayman for the last week or so about trick or treating and having him watch a Dora the Explorer Halloween episode a gillion times, we went trick or treating. Last Wednesday I tried his Elmo costume on him and he had a ridiculous hissy. So being a nice mommy, I made him a Dracula costume. He looked awesome. He really worked the door to door as well. We went trick or treating in my Aunt and Uncles neighborhood in Manteca, not too far away. Ayman had to keep up with his candy crazy cousin Adam. After the first three houses, Ayman was going up to the doors without me, like a pro. I waited out on the side walk with the princess and we watched Ayman collect his booty. (I went through it when I got home. I don't ever remember geting so much stuff. It could have been the cute factor.) So here is what I did in the interest of my sons teeth,and his daddy's sanity-- I got all the good chocolate candy out of the mess and left the crap. We will dole it out to him over the course of who knows how long, but momma has her hook up of Almond Joy, Butterfinger, Snickers and Whoppers. I love Halloween. Yes, Ayman, that is right. when you get big enough to read this you can call me to task for horking your candy, but until then you are none the wiser. I love you, boy. Anyhoo, he was soooooo good and careful and did what I told him to all night- until we got home. Can you say OVERSTIMULATED? Well he was. He got a bath and went to bed. end of story, sort of.

This was Jennah, she slept for most of the trick or treating. she was a good girl. Her Sweet Pea outfit didn't work out so well so we just stuck with her Halloween themed clothing I got her from Target. It was all good. We didn't hear hardly a peep from her all night.
Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindy for having us over to your neighborhood, and thank you Adam for being so patient with your little cousin on his first real Halloween.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday at home

Jennah was kicking it on the the floor with the Boppy last night. She is getting so curious. I notice more and more that she will really reach for the toys out of her range, and get them. Soon enough she will be crawling and then it will be on. He brother will have no where to hide. It is kind of fun to imagine what she will do when she is mobile, but not so fun to think of how many gates i am going to have to set up. I think i need like three more than i have now, which is used to keep Ayman in his room at nap time. In this first picture she is examining the juggling ball that came in her brothers Wendy's kids meal.

In this second picture, she is just being her sweet baby self, hanging out with one of her giraffes. She has a couple of different ones now, and I just thought of one more she might like to play with. Now that I think of it, she also has clothes with giraffes on them. Totally not on purpose. How weird. I didn't even mean to do that. Too bad I got her Halloween costume already or she would be a giraffe. Maybe that is a blessing.

This last picture, of course is of the boy. He has made a great transition to the big boy bed but still sleeps all crazy in it. He starts out normal, but when I check on him during the course of the night he has inevitably done a 180 in there. Right now, he is either catching another darn cold or he has allergies. I hope it is allergies to all the crap in the air, but I think it is another cold. How can this be? He just got over a cold. This sucks. In this pic he is snot-nosed and has runny eyes too. My poor boy. Hopefully he will be over it come Halloween.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Crazy cute girl.

So as I wrote on Wednesday, Jennah turned seven months old. As my mom pointed out, I posted a picture of the angel on the day she was born, but not a current picture. So here they are. I let Jennah have a taste of chocolate cake. As you can see, a little goes a long way.

Is my kid cute or what?
Totally not biased.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jennah is 7 months and other milestones.

Here is my girl, about 15 minutes after she was born. Today she is 7 months old. My mom and I took her for some shots and some medical rotovirus. She is soo good that she only cried for like 3 seconds, or about the amount of time it took to pull up her little pants and pick her up. She is really mellow. Right now she just started making like she is chewing her food and it is so cute. She really smacks those little gums together to chew the mooshy food i give her. She gets lots of bananas, yogurt, cereal, avocado and breastmilk. Sunday she got to try her daddys favorite-Koshary. I ground it up in the babyfood processor and she was all over it. She doesn't have any teeth yet, but judging by the amount of drool she is putting out, she should be cutting some anytime now. She makes all kinds of noises and her brother is the apple of her eye. Ayman calls her "sissy" and gives her kisses all the time. one of his favorite things to do is take toys away from her then give them back, aboiut 30 seconds later. Whenever Daddy comes home from work, she can't wait for him to pick her up. If he goes past her with out doing so, she has a baby freakout. We love you Sissy.

I took this picture of my boy this past weekend. He hadn't sat in this chair for a while as it was on "time out" in the garage. It was getting to be the end of the day and he got a babydoll (also from the garage) and just kind of sat in front of the house. Like he was just enjoying the peace at the end of a grueling day of playing at the park, eating sandwiches and Doritos, drinking juice and having fun. I guess even at 34 months you have to take the time to smell the roses. It was adorable.

And finaly we have this picture. I took this because it is Aymans first night in his big boy bed. (that he has had for over a year now) He did so good. I can't believe he even slept under the covers. Today I put all of the little girl stuff on his crib, and someday I hope to have Jennah sleep in it. Right now she is perfectly happy sleeping right between mommy and daddy, close to the milk supply. Ayman only had one incident last night with crying, and he got over it quick. Lets hope tonight goes off with out a hitch. Now, if we could only teach him how to use the potty....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flashback, Yo.

All of these photos were taken in the month of October,in the years '04, '05 and '06, all around the 10th. Man, has my boy grown up or what?

Bathtime for babies

Amr gave the kids a bath tonight and I got to take some pictures of the action. Ayman likes to pour water over Jennahs head. She doesn't seem to mind. Now, pour water over his head, and he has a mini hissy. I guess she is just cool like that. We are slowly getting over all the sickness here, but I swear, I was getting sick all over again last night. But, that could have been due to the fact that i only got to sleep for two hours after I got off of work yesterday. Being a mom on 2 hours sleep sucks big time. I miss my mommy. She lets me come to her house on Mondays and she will watch the kids while I catch a nap. It totally helps. She is in Cabo this week so I was out of luck. Yesterday, I even had the kids sleeping at the same time, but when I went to sleep I was so nervous that Jennah was going to wake up, that I couldn't sleep. How stupid is that? Oh and you know what else sucks? After a 16 month reprieve, Aunt Flo has finally come to visit again. That depresses me. I feel like if I was just breastfeeding a little more, she wouldn't have come back yet. And of course she couldn't come visit on one of the two nights I called in sick for work, no no no no. She had to come when I was at work and caught completely unawares. we can say she came unannounced, I mean like, seriously unannounced. I mean, I used to kind of feel her coming. Not this time. Oh well. What can ya do? It had to happen some time. It was good run.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sweet Ride, Baby

I hooked Jennah up with her brothers super-sweet tryke today.

I think she likes it.

A taste of my own medicine.

When I was little my mom and dad hated to give me medicine, particularly Pepto Bismol, because I would chuck it right back up. My memories of these occasions are slightly different than theirs, however. I can remember telling my mom one night when I had an upset stomach, that I wouldn't take the Pepto because it "makes me throw up." I specifically said this. She made me take the vile stuff and
seconds later pink bismuth and vomit.

Hello, I told you I would barf it up.

Needless to say, I am reminded of this constantly. Well, my son is a good medicine taker. You bring it to him, he takes it.

Not last night.

Every once in a while he will refuse the medicine, and we have to do it "Daddys way" which is to say, we hold him down and force him to swallow it. Last night he was majorly cranky and we had to use this method. So, all together it is 2 tsp of medicine. The first tsp got swallowed with not too much resistance. But the second.... well the second was a different story. He cacked, and finally gagged on it so much we had to raise him up where he promptly yacked on my (freshly washed, from earlier in the week when he got poo on it, ) bed sheet.

Man did his hurl reek. He had pizza earlier in the evening, just cheese of course but, ewwww.

Back in the wash went the sheet.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is a parents revenge in a tiny little nutshell.

Please enjoy, Mom and Dad.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I hate this. We are all sick. Jennah, Ayman, Amr and myself. It sucks to be sick and take care of two sick kids. Amr has been a great help though. He goes to work early and comes home early in the afternoon to help out. He is getting sick now too though so, i am going to have to call in to work for a couple of days. taking care of the kids when they are ill is no fun when you are by yourself. Anyhoo, that is that. I am sick and tired, literally. Must. Go. Sleep.