Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wednesday at home

Jennah was kicking it on the the floor with the Boppy last night. She is getting so curious. I notice more and more that she will really reach for the toys out of her range, and get them. Soon enough she will be crawling and then it will be on. He brother will have no where to hide. It is kind of fun to imagine what she will do when she is mobile, but not so fun to think of how many gates i am going to have to set up. I think i need like three more than i have now, which is used to keep Ayman in his room at nap time. In this first picture she is examining the juggling ball that came in her brothers Wendy's kids meal.

In this second picture, she is just being her sweet baby self, hanging out with one of her giraffes. She has a couple of different ones now, and I just thought of one more she might like to play with. Now that I think of it, she also has clothes with giraffes on them. Totally not on purpose. How weird. I didn't even mean to do that. Too bad I got her Halloween costume already or she would be a giraffe. Maybe that is a blessing.

This last picture, of course is of the boy. He has made a great transition to the big boy bed but still sleeps all crazy in it. He starts out normal, but when I check on him during the course of the night he has inevitably done a 180 in there. Right now, he is either catching another darn cold or he has allergies. I hope it is allergies to all the crap in the air, but I think it is another cold. How can this be? He just got over a cold. This sucks. In this pic he is snot-nosed and has runny eyes too. My poor boy. Hopefully he will be over it come Halloween.

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