Monday, July 25, 2005

The Garcias and the Rude Dude

 Posted by PicasaThis is so cooool. My Aunt Cindy and Uncle James got to meet Billy Idol. They have only seen him in concert like, a million times. Seems like the years havem't been too bad to him....I am so happy for the two of them. Finally, Billy Idol got to meet my relatives!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Mmmmmm Cake....

 Posted by PicasaWe eat at The Macaroni Grill a lot. It is a good place, not too pricey, has a nice patio to sit on. Ayman enjoys the cake. He got to have a little of his Daddys'(no we didn't just feed a baby an entire piece of chocolate cake with caramel sauce on it and nuts.) He could eat it all, but hey I have to show some restraint, if he can't . That is my job. AND IT IS HARD. LOL and congrats if anyone caught that vague W reference (or SNL depending) I love the cake and I think Ayman has my sweet tooth. That does not surprise me considering I lived off of chocolate milk and Hostess cupcakes while I was carrying him. Hey, at least it wasn't crack.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bathtub Partytime!

 Posted by PicasaAyman in the bathtub last night. He won't sit down in it. It freaks him out. Right now, throwing things in the water and making a splash cracks him up. He seriously laughs when the stuff hits the water. Thank you daddy, for taking the pictures while I was at work. And, Happy Birthday Amr! Yesterday was my dear husbands 32nd birthday. He made out like a bandit on gift cards. Woo Hoo!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Holy Crap! OR, Special Delivery, OR, I Think I Am Ready To Push Now....

Colleen, don't let this happen to you.

Tonight I worked in the ER. At around 0500 a nurse came running at me telling me to "get the doctor! A woman is having her baby in the lobby" I got the DR then of course flew out in to the lobby. The woman had dropped her pants and gotten on all fours where, 1 minute later, she had a baby boy. He was just fine, and so was his mom. I asked the triage nurse exactly how this came about and she told me "it is never a good sign when a very pregnant woman drops her pants and gets on all fours. We barely caught the little guy" He was very cute. They should call him Lin, short for linoleum, which is where he almost ended up. The lady was cambodian, (and, no people I am not being racial.) Those ladies have a great pain tolerance. My butt was in the hospital before I really even knew what contractions were all about, thanks to ruptured membranes. I can't even imagine WALKING in to the ER, let alone, walking in, dropping my pants and having a kid right there. That is what we call OLD SCHOOL. I love stuff like that.
EW, but what a mess.