Friday, July 01, 2005

Holy Crap! OR, Special Delivery, OR, I Think I Am Ready To Push Now....

Colleen, don't let this happen to you.

Tonight I worked in the ER. At around 0500 a nurse came running at me telling me to "get the doctor! A woman is having her baby in the lobby" I got the DR then of course flew out in to the lobby. The woman had dropped her pants and gotten on all fours where, 1 minute later, she had a baby boy. He was just fine, and so was his mom. I asked the triage nurse exactly how this came about and she told me "it is never a good sign when a very pregnant woman drops her pants and gets on all fours. We barely caught the little guy" He was very cute. They should call him Lin, short for linoleum, which is where he almost ended up. The lady was cambodian, (and, no people I am not being racial.) Those ladies have a great pain tolerance. My butt was in the hospital before I really even knew what contractions were all about, thanks to ruptured membranes. I can't even imagine WALKING in to the ER, let alone, walking in, dropping my pants and having a kid right there. That is what we call OLD SCHOOL. I love stuff like that.
EW, but what a mess.

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