Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uncle Alex, DDS strikes again. At a Ports game.

And we have HD video this time! Thanks Alex, this is great!

And here is the final result:

Last night we had corn on the cob for dinner. He bit into it with the wiggly tooth and it started bleeding all over his corn. I told him, "That's it, Uncle Alex needs to take that thing out." So tonight my dad took them to a minor league baseball game with my brother, SIL, and my niece and nephew. I sent Ayman with a ziploc baggie and some tissue. This is awesome. But now I have to give him two dollars- I was only going to give him one but as you can see in the above video, they said THREE. I told Ayman that the money goes down after the first tooth, so I guess that will be better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

First day of school, 2 times.

Aymans first day of school was the 18th. He is in first grade this year. He picked that shirt out himself at the "boutique" (a fancy was of saying thrift store, lol.) He is getting so big.

Not for nothin', but my son does an awesome robot.

And here he is at his very own desk in class. *sniff* I am verclempt.

Jennah was sick on the real first day of school so we will call this Jennah's first day of school. She is also sporting a complete "boutique" ensemble, WOO HOO! It is adorable and she was very excited to go back to school.

And here we have a crazy pose, just for funsies. Too cute. Mommy is super proud of you guys, and loves you very much!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My son knows how I work; Jennah is tired.

I went to tuck Ayman in tonight. He had his covers over his head, "hiding" as usual. Like I always do, I asked Jennah: "Where did your brother go?" He ripped the cover off real fast and yelled "RAWR!" I grabbed my heart and said, "OOOH! you scared me!" Apparently, my acting wasn't quite good enough, because he replied: "No I didn't." "Oh yeah? " I said, "Why is that?" He looked up at me and said, "Cuz I know how you work!"

Dude, I love my son. Too funny.

Meanwhile, Jennah went swimming at my moms today with her brother. I noticed she got out of the pool well before him. I assumed she just wanted to dry off on her favorite chair. After a while she still hadn't come in so my mom looked outside, and the above picture is what we found. Poor little baby doll wasn't feeling good and just fell asleep sitting there. I picked her up and took her in to the house where she slept more. When we got home she slept even more. She has a runny nose and the sneezes too. Tomorrow is the first day of school. I don't know if she is going to make it or not.

Just thought I would share part of my boring day. Oh totally unrelated, It is the 7th of Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarek!

A gem from my brothers Facebook page.

Today, My sister-in-law and I did some running around while my dear brother watched the four children we have between our two families. While we were gone he posted this picture captioned:

"All four kids while Facebooking....mediocre parenting at best."

How many kids do you see there?

I love you , Bro!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Milestone: Ayman lost his first tooth.

I took this picture on August 7th, 2004 of my baby boy's first tooth. I have to say it is one of my favorite pictures of him. Yesterday, August 14th, 2010 That tooth went bye bye. It had been loose for months. I kept telling him, "You better pull that thing. The tooth fairy doesn't give you money if you eat it!" He would not wiggle it. Well, he wouldn't do any aggressive wiggling. I remember working on my first tooth like it was job. I crunched it til it made sick noises, I twisted and pulled until it hung on by a thread. Then, I finally just pulled. Ayman wasn't having any of that.
Yesterday, we were at my cousin Adam's 17th birthday party at Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindy's house. I was telling my sister-in-law Renee about the tooth situation, and how I tried to pull it earlier but was too chicken to do the deed. I mean I tried, but I just couldn't. It wasn't happening for me. Renee said: "Uncle Alex will pull it!"

Sure enough, wouldn't you know it, Uncle Alex did. Here is a picture of the amateur dentist and his willing patient, shortly after the procedure. I have to say my brother had some skillz. Before Ayman, or any of us knew it, he had that tooth YANKED. I quickly tucked a piece of tissue in the socket before he could see it was bleeding and ....

There ya go. He seemed a little shocked at first, but then he was VERY excited, and Auntie Cindy gave him a cow shaped trinket box to put his tooth in for the tooth fairy. Ayman asked how the tooth fairy knew he lost a tooth. Amr told him that she got an email or they tweeted it or something. (which was pretty funny coming from Amr.) In the wee hours of this morning, Ayman woke up to 3 dollars in his cow trinket box, in place of his tooth. I am still amazed that my baby lost that tooth. *sniff* They grow up so fast....