Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun with sunglasses

Amr got Jennah some sunglasses at the 99 cent store. She loves them. She has this little clear purse. She carries beads, a cell phone, and an assortment of little trinkets. Animals letters Diego figures. She is a real kick. She is loving the Backyardigans right now. She actually dances when the theme song plays. It is really too cute.

Then she has this crazy smile. She is so funny when she does it, because she gets really excited.

Ayman found some sunglasses in a backpack Auntie Cindy gave him over a year ago. So both kids are styling with the shades. He has been going to school four days a week for the summer session. He is just like I was. He does not want to get up in the morning. "No school Mommy!" But he goes, and is happy, and doing great. I have really noticed a difference in the last couple of weeks. He is actively trying to talk in sentences, and enunciate his words. He will be going to school all day long at the end of August.
Right now both kids are standing at the window, pounding on the screen (probably not a good idea) yelling "ICE CREAM TRUCK!" Well, Ayman is yelling it, and Jennah is standing next to him shouting in jibberish. Because why? The Ice Cream truck just drove by, of course.
I am doing well in school . After my last module was complete, I have a 4.0, the highest in the class. So I got that going for me right? Also, i nutted up and paid for, and have been lighting it up. Love that stuff. Since not all people want to pay for that site I made a Myspace page for my high schools graduating class. It only has a 14 members, but everyone is participating with it and we have a ton of pictures posted. It is awesome. I love seeing pictures other people have from that time. So there ya go, that is what has been up for the last ten days...Oh yeah, I finally got a new cell phone! Now i can call the future and not the past! My phone was so old, I think it was the one Jesus used. Also, I have been burning up the internet with Daphne, on a nightly basis. I miss her being close to me, so this is almost as good. I am still trying to scale down my ass, and i feel better, actually. I just need to do some physical activity. I guess something is always better than nothing.
Well, i am outta here. If you find this post boring, perhaps you would like something more like this? or maybe this?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Late for fathers day

Here is my Dad and Amr. We went to Auntie Ne Ne's Graduation party at her brothers house. It was alot of fun.

And, Jennah here, geting in touch with her hammy side. she is wearing her Daddys sunglasses and sitting on Genes lap. She was all diva'd out.

Here is my bro with Jennah. This is her first time in a big pool.
Alex was so good with her. She seemed a little scared at first but she didn' t cry, and had a good time. She really slept well that night.

After Aymans initial fake crying, he really enjoyed the pool. Alex pulled him around a bit, scred him, made him cry and basically helped him get used to the pool. He crashed that night too. Lesson here? Kids+swimming=good nights sleep.

Idle hands

This pictue is blurry but so sweet. I had just pulled the pacifier out of her mouth. it was right after i found this....

OK, here is the story. I was sitting at the barstools, with my back to the kids, who were on the floor in the dining room. Ayman kept on going "Pfffttt......hahahahaha" and Jennah "hehehehe" this went on for like two minutes before i turned around. When i did, i found Ayman had taken some loose powder, and was blowing into it, causing- Well, this.

Totally my bad.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Disregard the fact that my puntuation is nonexistent

Last night i couldn't sleep. Not only was it damn hot, i just couldnt sleep. I went to bed at 0130. at 0300 i gave up and read some email, then went back to bed. At 0410- still awake. finally i got to sleep then something woke me up at around 0730 and guess what ? i have been up ever since. Sheesh. I think when Jennah wakes up i am gonna take them for a walk up to the store to get some lipliner and a can of tiny shrimp. I am going to make Shrimp Louie for dinner.
Could this post be any more boring? I guess I could talk about my period or something. Naaah. Jennah said thank you to me yesterday. Today I am signing up Ayman for general education preschool to go with the special education preschool he also goes to. He is off this week but next week he starts going 4 days a week. I am still trying to decide if i want him evaluated for autism. I am scared of him being labeled for the rest of his life. The special education teachers are not even sure if what is going on with him is autism either- they always talk about "splintered skill sets" he knows all of his abc' colors, numbers, can cross a line at midline, but then some basic things he doesn't do. Or the fact that he repeats things ALOT. 3 1/2 year olds do repeat. I dunno, I guess i am in a mild state of denial. It is just that i have seen so much improvement in the time that he has been in preschool- 6 months that i am at a "wait and see" phase right now. He was only gong 2 days a week. Let's see what the 4 days, and then 5 days starting in August, coupled with the general ed preschool will do for him. I guess. hmmmmph.
ranting, ranting. I have started a multi faceted approach to thinning my fat ass down- eat less, eat more fruit and veggies, less crap, no regular soda, more water and exersise, then if needed dabble in bulimia. I think it will work.
so there you have it rants of a sleep deprived mother of 2....
thanks for taking the time.
ps oh, that kid. he just smoked past me and went into is room, and closed the door. that means poop time. if that kid doesn't turd i am bulking up his gatorade with benefiber.

Monday, June 11, 2007

New haircut

It is time to get a haircut when you can't remember when you last had one. And, when all you do is plop it on top of your head in a rubberband. That is what I have been doing for like, 2 years. (I think) Anyway. The woman cut my hair and styled it all Farrah Fawcett-y. Ugh, I had to come right home and re-do it, then take pictures to send to my friend Daphne, (choo choo choose you, baby) and post on my Myspace page and here. Damn, I am pathetic.

Jennah has a new favorite thing....This Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles stocking cap. She puts it on and walks all over the house with it, sometimes pulled all the way down over her eyes. She is still loving beads of any kind. Now she loves spoons as well, and actually fed herself a spoonfull of cocopuffs this morning. After that, she turned into the devil and proceeded to cry ALL DAY LONG. Nothing would make her happy. When her daddy got home, she started bawling harder than she was before, when she was following me around the house. Can I just say I couldn't leave for school fast enough today? Yikes.

Here is my boy getting ready for bed in his wifebeater style undershirt. He is so funny. He thinks I am funny too. And Gramma, and Grampa and sometimes even Daddy.
P.s. Yesterday, Jennah and I were out front waiting for my dad to come and get all of us for dinner. When my dad got out of his truck, Jennah said "Graaaay-paaahh" Seriously, clear as a bell. How cool is that?