Monday, June 11, 2007

New haircut

It is time to get a haircut when you can't remember when you last had one. And, when all you do is plop it on top of your head in a rubberband. That is what I have been doing for like, 2 years. (I think) Anyway. The woman cut my hair and styled it all Farrah Fawcett-y. Ugh, I had to come right home and re-do it, then take pictures to send to my friend Daphne, (choo choo choose you, baby) and post on my Myspace page and here. Damn, I am pathetic.

Jennah has a new favorite thing....This Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles stocking cap. She puts it on and walks all over the house with it, sometimes pulled all the way down over her eyes. She is still loving beads of any kind. Now she loves spoons as well, and actually fed herself a spoonfull of cocopuffs this morning. After that, she turned into the devil and proceeded to cry ALL DAY LONG. Nothing would make her happy. When her daddy got home, she started bawling harder than she was before, when she was following me around the house. Can I just say I couldn't leave for school fast enough today? Yikes.

Here is my boy getting ready for bed in his wifebeater style undershirt. He is so funny. He thinks I am funny too. And Gramma, and Grampa and sometimes even Daddy.
P.s. Yesterday, Jennah and I were out front waiting for my dad to come and get all of us for dinner. When my dad got out of his truck, Jennah said "Graaaay-paaahh" Seriously, clear as a bell. How cool is that?

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