Monday, June 18, 2007

Late for fathers day

Here is my Dad and Amr. We went to Auntie Ne Ne's Graduation party at her brothers house. It was alot of fun.

And, Jennah here, geting in touch with her hammy side. she is wearing her Daddys sunglasses and sitting on Genes lap. She was all diva'd out.

Here is my bro with Jennah. This is her first time in a big pool.
Alex was so good with her. She seemed a little scared at first but she didn' t cry, and had a good time. She really slept well that night.

After Aymans initial fake crying, he really enjoyed the pool. Alex pulled him around a bit, scred him, made him cry and basically helped him get used to the pool. He crashed that night too. Lesson here? Kids+swimming=good nights sleep.

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