Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Katb el Kitab (The Paperwork)

On Saturday the 24th We went to the Katb el Kitab for Amrs cousin Noha. For those of you who don't know, ( I am thinking that is everyone, in the US. The Egyptians who read this are good to go,) This means the paperwork. Noha and her fiance are now technically married. This ceremony is done as the religious portion of the contract of marriage. It is a contract literally, in that paperwork is signed by the bride, groom, the brides father and two witnesses. The two are now considered married. They will have a wedding party in April from what I understand, and will live separately until then. Amr tells me that this paperwork can be done 2 minutes before the wedding party, two years, or whenever. This is the real wedding. The party is just for fun.

(L-R) Mo3taz (the grooms father, no, the three is not a mistake That represents a letter I do not have on my keyboard), Noha (bride) Khaled (groom) The Imam of the mosque, Uncle Khalil (father of the bride), Uncle Said (witness, mother of the brides brother), Abdelwahab (witness, father of the brides brother)

Khaled, and Khalil shaking on the deal so to speak.

The brides family with the groom.
(L-R) Khalil, Cousin Ahmed, Cousin Walid, Khaled the groom, Noha the bride, and her mom Tanta Faten, after the ceremony.

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