Saturday, February 17, 2007

First pictures from Egypt....(totally not exciting)

Aymans first bath at the apartment. He went outside with his daddy, and in classic ayman fashion, not watching where he was going and walking anyway, tripped over a planter and fell in mudd and pretty much biffed it on his face. When they came back in he had to be stripped and bathed so here it is. The hot water lasted for about 30 seconds. The water heater is only slightly bigger than a microwave, so i am not surprised.

Jennah totally passed out on her cousin Nada so they put her in bed. Amr Maged and I were shopping for some provisions at the time. She woke up starving. I mean her stomach growled and Amr heard it from across the room. poor baby. We fed her, and now i will give her her bath and cold medicine then it is bedtime for all.

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