Sunday, February 18, 2007

Here is the view from our rental....

Observe, Egyptian KFC three piece meal. See that can over there? For all of you who never saw this before, in front of it is one of those old style tops with the ring you pull off. It was all delicious.....

Half of the (right) view from one of the two balconies.

The other half. (left) It is very American style.

Self portrait on the right half of the balcony. Not the greatest shot but hey, it's a self portrait.
Jennah was sleeping in our room so i didn't go out on to the other balcony. Poor thing is still all congested. I wish it would clear up, both kids are snotty. British Airways located the baby's' crib, but the baggage retrieval desk at the airport is run by the "Egyptian Baggage Service" and is only open from 9 am to 2 pm, needless to say we are still struggling with jet lag, so Amr didn't wake up until I woke him around one and the kids at 1:30. This would be cool but at this rate, they will never get on a schedule. Not that i am a nazi for it, but they can't be staying up until 2 am every darn night.
So this little gated community we are in is really cool. They have a strip mall type thing and we got everything we needed to be at home today. Peanut butter, (jif was 35 pounds! 35 pounds! that is paying 7 dollars for peanut butter folks. We bought local.) Jelly, some fresh bread, decongestant for the kids, some pieces of cake that i can't wait to tear up, and of course the above pictured, KFC.
Ayman is on the toilet producing an anaconda with the help of a suppository right now, and it is making my mother-in -law nervous, so i have to go.

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