Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Arrival....

Amr's brother Ayman got here today from Albania. This is the first time I have met him in the five years that Amr ad I have been married. When I came in '04, his plane got stuck in Greece, so I missed him by like, one day.

Here is a few funny tidbits regarding the first time I met my brother in law. First off, he was wearing the same shirt my husband has at home. Jacket too. Let's not forget shoes: they were almost the same as Amrs, just a darker color. Then, when we came home, we were getting out of the car and I said to Jennah, "don't cry," and Big Ayman popped off with, "Don't cry for me Argentina." Now, for those of you who know Amr, you know that he does this type of thing all the time. It seems my husband and brother in law share the same weird, dry sense of humor. The above picture of Big Ayman and Little Ayman is the best I can do right now, Little Ayman is being kind of a flibberty-jibbett. You get the idea though.

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