Tuesday, February 27, 2007

random pictures from Saturday the 24th

Family picture-why Amr doesn't smile, I have no idea.

Self portrait of Jennah and I. No one bothered to tell me all day that i had a stripe of unblended makeup on my face. Kind of like walking around with spinach in your teeth all day long....

Here is a nice picture of Amr, his mom Lilah, and Jennah.

After the ceremony was over, they passed out individually wrapped chocolates and jordan almonds. The chocolates had little stickers on them. Aymans cousin Malak, (or Kooki, as everyone calls her) loved the stickers. she put them on her forehead. It reminded me of how when I was little, I would go insane for the sticker from the bunch of bananas. Not the bananas so much though....hahaha

They also passed out juice, kind of like a toast it seems. Since we are talking about almost all Muslims, at a room adjacent to the mosque, there was no champagne. This is a picture of (from left to right) Tanta 3ayda (the closest pronunciation of this would be Ida), Tanta Zooba, and Aymans Tetah Lilah By the way, Tanta means aunt, and Tetah is Grandma. All three are sisters.

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