Tuesday, February 27, 2007

When in Egypt

....Dress like the Egyptians. Here I am in the brand new fancy abaya (uh-BYE-yuh) my husband bought me at the Genena Mall in Nasr City. Let me tell you first, that I hate to shop. My dear sister in law Nancy, went traipsing around to two malls with me to find this pretty thing. First we went to the mall in the town we are living in. The El Rehab Mall #1
I don't know where El Rehab Mall #2 is, but this mall is OK. Needless to say, we went all over it to find something for me. Since I am so fat from the squeezing out of children, I dont have the best body image, so I don't like hardly anything. I don't even want to shop. But I had to. So Nancy took me hither and yon. We ended up at the Genena Mall, and went to like a dozen shops. I tried this abaya on like, second, and I didn't think it fit right. They didn't have a size bigger either. You know when you find something you like, nothing else quite measures up? Well that is how it was with this abaya. I tried it on with my clothes underneath, and it was snug up top. We went to all the other shops, and then came back to the one that sold this abaya. I tried it on with out the clothes underneath, and voile. We can say it fit better, so I bought it. Or Nancy bought it. The transaction was all in arabic. Anyway, thank you Nancy for all of your patience. It is an abaya halwa. (beautiful abaya)

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