Thursday, February 22, 2007

Apartment exterior, Lessons learned, and Huh?

Here is the outside of the apartment building. It is nice, the only real drawback I can see is that there is no elevator. It would suck to live any higher up than the second floor.

Lesson Learned: Living in Egypt with a new car is not worth it. It will look like crap in like 2 days, observe the above picture. This Kia Rio was new and in great condition when we got it. Last night we made the 7 mile trip to Nasr City (no relation) to deliver some stuff to some dudes fiance. Anyhoo, being as how everyone drives however the hell they want here, some taxi driver made a left turn in front of us from the extreme right hand lane. He was driving the same direction we were, two lanes over to the right, and he made a left hand turn, in front of us. Not to make generalizations, but this is why middle-eastern people are cab drivers when they come to the US. (and this is not rude; i personally know 2 people right off the top of my head that are cab drivers in San Francisco that came from Egypt as recently as 5 years ago.) If you had a regular ole drivers license in Egypt, and you actually drove here, you can drive anywhere. Seriously, it explains so much. That is why they tend to drive so insane. I had a friend from Egypt, the same friend who introduced me to my husband. We used to ride to work together. The first few times I rode with him i was totally white knuckling it. Made lanes where there were none he drove too fast, he swerved in and out of traffic. Now that I have sen the driving here it is so clear as to why he drove so badly. Everyone here does. You have too. Hell, most people don't even use their headlights at night because, "there is enough light on the street." Rant concluded.

This is a picture of a restaurant in the marketplace. It is called Watermelon. If you click on the picture you can see that it also says underneath the name, Watermelon, "The Real Taste of China" OK, Is it just me? What in Gods name does a watermelon have to do with China? Please, if Iam missing something let me know. Feel free to comment.....

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