Saturday, February 17, 2007


I plan on taking you all on a tour of the apartment we are living in. If all goes as planned i will post it on YouTube with a link directly to it here (or something to that effect.) The area we are in is called Al Rehab City.
you can check it out there. It is only about a year old. I can tell you that it seems to me that they have landscaped the areas here, and in true Egyptian fashion, not put a system in place to water it, so some of those areas are pretty crispy now or in the process of getting crispy. The cool thing is Egypt is pretty much 24/7 so you can get good fast food, not crap, delivered at just about any hour during the day. Except KFC and Pizza Hut, because their delivery services don't commence until the day after tomorrow. And the pizza hut and KFC are good food actually, because most here won't spend a lot of money on stuff that tastes like crap, as we do at home. But anyway, i am waiting on the light of day for the video tour so expect that soon. as I write this it is 0617 on Sunday morning to your 2017 on Saturday night. So i can tell you guys the future. hahahahahahahaha. I am an idiot! gotta go look for Pinky dinky doo- I am out.

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