Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pasta Update, the first four hours

Pasta's condition has been upgraded to: Good

He is swimming around his bowl and ate his breakfast heartily.
His progress will continue to be monitored.
He appears to be confused at this time, looking for his buddy, Rice.

I will post another update later, when his new tankmate is introduced.

RIP: Rice; Pasta, condition critical but guarded

So a little background here- the kids got 9 cheap ass goldfish at a party on January 28th. Three survived, in my largest pyrex bowl. Then, one of the three commited suicide by jumping out of the bowl, and another went belly up for no apparent reason (perhaps his time had come) so for the last guy, my dad bought a fishbowl starter set at Walmart, complete with gravel and plant. We also got a goldfish, which Ayman named "Pasta", and a black fish with buggy eyes and billowy fins, Jennah named him "Rice". I have kept them in a fishbowl that I have cleaned once a week for the last six weeks or so. Of course, the original guy that was left from the cheap ass crop, (that I named Joe, what a surprise.) kicked the bucket the day after I transferred him to the bowl. Other than that all was good in the fish bowl.
Until tonight.
When I came home from school tonight, the fish bowl had been moved. I thought this was Amr's subtle way of telling me the fishbowl was stinky. So I asked him about it. He told me the kids were looking at it, (which is really why we have them) Oh, and by the way, Jennah chucked a baby wipe in there. "Don't worry, it was dry".... Um, I don't know why this made it ok for me....
At about 1 am, in between episodes of the Andromeda Strain on A&E, I went into the kitchen for some delicious Spumoni ice cream when I noticed something disturbing. Rice was chilling on his side at the bottom of the bowl. Quite dead. Pasta at first glance appeared dead. I tapped the glass and found that he was not. Quickly, I got him out of the bowl into a cup of clean water, he was bad, guys. Gills barely moving, just sitting really still, I proceeded to clean out the bowl, and gravel and plant. I put water back in it, carefully measuring the temp, I mean, I don't want to f&%k with the poor guy even more right? By the time I was done with the cleaning he was a little perkeier. Still, I don't think he is gonna make it. I put him back into the bowl and he got hitched up on the plastic I gently moved the water around and he started swimming. He is acting erratically, I am hoping that the fresh water will help him out, and that I caught him in time. I added some food to it, so we will see what happens. Either way, I see fish shopping in my future.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Burnout, Ayman's IEP, and Clint Eastwood

Oh my. School is killing me. I am so bored and burnt out by it now. I know I am not done learning- I still have a few classes left. But the classes are BORR-IIIING. I took last Thursday and Friday off because of it. Tonight we the megacode for ACLS, (Advance cardiovascular life support, I think) Which is basically CPR with medications and defibrillation. I did really good, and passed, so I've got that going for me. Other than that, I gotta hang in. This is a short week so that is good, but what about next week? The week after? Arrrrrgh. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it isn't a train. Must. Keep. Going. Hmphhhh.
Today, I had the annual conference for my son. He was diagnosed with a speech and developmental delay when he was three. He has been in Special Day Class (SDC), with an Indiviual Education Plan (IEP) since December of '06. He has been enrolled in state run preschool as well. He goes in the morning to his SDC, and to State preschool in the afternoon. It is good, because with the special day class, the bus picks him up at home at 0700, and then after that they walk him across campus to the preschool, and I pick him up from the whole shebang at 1430. At the conference today I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is- he is doing really well. So much improvement in the last year, the state preschool is doing wonders along with the different therapies the SDC is giving him. He is testing HIGHER than his age in most areas, and just a scoche below in others. However, he still has one full year- he will not start kindergarten until September of '09. they told me today- that he was ready to move on from his SDC. To where? State preschool. Cassie, you ask, isn't he already in state preschool? Why, yes, yes he is. So, Cassie, what exactly does this mean? Well, it means, he doesn't need to go to SDC. Let's take this one step further....He only needs preschool. So, Starting in August, with the new school year, he will only go to preschool from 12-3. This is a good thing, I know. But you know what else is a good thing? My son in school all day. HA. I know I am not winning any mother of the year awards with that little confession. But, whatevs, he is doing good; that is the important thing, and he will still meet with the speech therapist once a week, blah blah blah. So I got that going for me.
I paid off my braces today. You know, I was thinking, I am taking lighter classes now, and not having that payment on the braces frees up enough cash for me to get the DVR service back. I miss it alot. I mean ALOT. It will take some bargaining with my husband, but I think I will be able to swing it, as in, calling Comcast, getting the box and skipping on happily with my life. WOO Hoo. Yep, that is the ticket. Speaking of TV, and (why not? that is really all I do for fun,) I am watching Million Dollar Baby on AMC right now. Now, the subject matter is sad. I agree with the concept of it 100%. I believe in a persons right to die with dignity. Man, I was gonna go off on a rant about the right to die, but I really don't want to open that can of worms. Let's just say it is a damn good movie. Clint Eastwood is a silver fox, grrrrowwwl.
Ok, so that was a bunch of info. boring I know, but I am going to mirror this on my Myspace blog so whadda ya gonna do?
I'm out.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home appliances, AC service and baking

My refrigerator is taking a crap on me. I mean, not literally but, you get it. I woke up today- and it was sinisterly quiet in the kitchen. I noticed the fridge wasn't cooling. This is bad because it doesn't get cold enough as it is- so it really can't take a break on the cooling. I guess most of them cycle, but this one really can't. Just recently, it stopped making ice- I think the reason for this is that it doesn't get cold enough or something, maybe not but, who the hell knows....moving on. So My dad, Jennah and Ayman and I took a ride to day to look for a replacement. A used replacement. I figured that I could get something for a couple hundred. I showed up at Wilson and Coffey and found this gem- except get this: It has an ice maker. woohoo. the deal with it is, it got damaged in shipment, and they fixed it. you really don't know where the major damage is unless you know where to look for it. They did a nice repair job. There is also a couple of dings on the outside door, but hell, that is gonna happen at my house anyway. so I am gonna buy it tomorrow, and it should be delivered by Tuesday. Thank goodness for that. I had to put everything in the freezer, to keep it all cold. The milk turned, and I had to throw out all the milk and mayonnaise based products. Perhaps, that is why I have had an inordinate amount of gastrointestinal distress....if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

On a more positive note, I was in contact with my Uncle Brian, who is a whiz with all things car related, and he says he can service my Honda's AC for very little cash. I will see if he can check out the thermostat as well (the car overheats when you idle, so no stop and go traffic, and no drive thru). Then, the kiddies and I will have a cool car to ride in this summer. YAY!

I made another cake- I kinda screwed up the topping for it though. I don't think it was a keeper. It came out a little dry, although they have you serve it with ice cream. It is OK, but I don't think I am going to categorize it as a "keeper", but when I upload the pic I will post it. It turned out pretty. My next attempt will be a carrot cake. I love carrot cake. I just have to acquire some spices for the dish. I have a delicious recipe for a cream cheese frosting. wanna hear it? hear it goes:
1 pound (2 bricks) of Cream cheese softened
1 cup of butter (2 sticks) of butter softened (it is low cal)
4 cups of powdered sugar, sifted
1 tsp vanilla
beat until creamy.

Don't ask me what the deal is with me and baking right now. Soon, I will be making a homemade ice cream cake- one of those ones that is rolled up. i saw a neat one on Emeril Live. I have to look in to it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

time sure does fly by....

It has been quite a while since I had anything to post. I mean, I have had stuff to post, but Ihave been to lazy to do so. My last post was in late April, and it is almost late May, so I guess it is time. I am back in class, for the next twelve weeks. No offense to my teachers, but I am straight up struggling to stay awake in the classes. Ugh, I dont wanna drink the nasty coffee they have there because then I get all jacked up caffeine-style, and never fall asleep. So let's have an update, shall we? (i know this is too boring now. Sorry, I just dont have the energy to spout all my venom anymore. I mostly save that for the myspace blog.)
Ayman is rapidly approaching the end of his school year, and after a little bout with pneumonia, he is doing fine now. Jennah, is speedily potty training- she totally digs the potty chair. Ayman had nothing to do with it, but Jennah will totally go all Britney Spears and eat her cheetos and drink her juice while crapping on the potty chair in front of the TV. Yes. My potty chair is in the living room. When my daughter is home, she has no pants or panties on. Sue me. Whatever works. (right Colleen?- i wish i could visit you by the way...) I dont make my guests dump out the chamber pot, so it is all good. Hmmmm, what am I missing here? Summer is upon us here in Stockton, and we had the first of several ridiculously hot days today- early. I had to borrow Amr's cursed Honda of death today to go pick Ayman up from school, because it has an AC and my Kia does NOT. Totally ridiculous. I live in the hot-assed central valley and have to truck my two small children around in a compact car with no AC. Do not even think that a trick-ass-mini van wont be at the TOP of my list of purchases once I get my RRT, thank you very much. I made an awesome Southern Red Velvet cake (trust me, this recipe is easy and totally worth it) for mothers day this weekend, which was a nice bbq at my brothers house, (kudos to Auntie Nay Nay for the hard work, she is like, 20 weeks prego) I won't go in to all the reasons that I was upset and pissy on mothers day, let's just say, I would like some recognition. So, here are a few pics, sorry there isn't more, and yes, the cake was freaking awesome. Definitely a keeper.