Wednesday, May 28, 2008

RIP: Rice; Pasta, condition critical but guarded

So a little background here- the kids got 9 cheap ass goldfish at a party on January 28th. Three survived, in my largest pyrex bowl. Then, one of the three commited suicide by jumping out of the bowl, and another went belly up for no apparent reason (perhaps his time had come) so for the last guy, my dad bought a fishbowl starter set at Walmart, complete with gravel and plant. We also got a goldfish, which Ayman named "Pasta", and a black fish with buggy eyes and billowy fins, Jennah named him "Rice". I have kept them in a fishbowl that I have cleaned once a week for the last six weeks or so. Of course, the original guy that was left from the cheap ass crop, (that I named Joe, what a surprise.) kicked the bucket the day after I transferred him to the bowl. Other than that all was good in the fish bowl.
Until tonight.
When I came home from school tonight, the fish bowl had been moved. I thought this was Amr's subtle way of telling me the fishbowl was stinky. So I asked him about it. He told me the kids were looking at it, (which is really why we have them) Oh, and by the way, Jennah chucked a baby wipe in there. "Don't worry, it was dry".... Um, I don't know why this made it ok for me....
At about 1 am, in between episodes of the Andromeda Strain on A&E, I went into the kitchen for some delicious Spumoni ice cream when I noticed something disturbing. Rice was chilling on his side at the bottom of the bowl. Quite dead. Pasta at first glance appeared dead. I tapped the glass and found that he was not. Quickly, I got him out of the bowl into a cup of clean water, he was bad, guys. Gills barely moving, just sitting really still, I proceeded to clean out the bowl, and gravel and plant. I put water back in it, carefully measuring the temp, I mean, I don't want to f&%k with the poor guy even more right? By the time I was done with the cleaning he was a little perkeier. Still, I don't think he is gonna make it. I put him back into the bowl and he got hitched up on the plastic I gently moved the water around and he started swimming. He is acting erratically, I am hoping that the fresh water will help him out, and that I caught him in time. I added some food to it, so we will see what happens. Either way, I see fish shopping in my future.

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