Friday, May 16, 2008

time sure does fly by....

It has been quite a while since I had anything to post. I mean, I have had stuff to post, but Ihave been to lazy to do so. My last post was in late April, and it is almost late May, so I guess it is time. I am back in class, for the next twelve weeks. No offense to my teachers, but I am straight up struggling to stay awake in the classes. Ugh, I dont wanna drink the nasty coffee they have there because then I get all jacked up caffeine-style, and never fall asleep. So let's have an update, shall we? (i know this is too boring now. Sorry, I just dont have the energy to spout all my venom anymore. I mostly save that for the myspace blog.)
Ayman is rapidly approaching the end of his school year, and after a little bout with pneumonia, he is doing fine now. Jennah, is speedily potty training- she totally digs the potty chair. Ayman had nothing to do with it, but Jennah will totally go all Britney Spears and eat her cheetos and drink her juice while crapping on the potty chair in front of the TV. Yes. My potty chair is in the living room. When my daughter is home, she has no pants or panties on. Sue me. Whatever works. (right Colleen?- i wish i could visit you by the way...) I dont make my guests dump out the chamber pot, so it is all good. Hmmmm, what am I missing here? Summer is upon us here in Stockton, and we had the first of several ridiculously hot days today- early. I had to borrow Amr's cursed Honda of death today to go pick Ayman up from school, because it has an AC and my Kia does NOT. Totally ridiculous. I live in the hot-assed central valley and have to truck my two small children around in a compact car with no AC. Do not even think that a trick-ass-mini van wont be at the TOP of my list of purchases once I get my RRT, thank you very much. I made an awesome Southern Red Velvet cake (trust me, this recipe is easy and totally worth it) for mothers day this weekend, which was a nice bbq at my brothers house, (kudos to Auntie Nay Nay for the hard work, she is like, 20 weeks prego) I won't go in to all the reasons that I was upset and pissy on mothers day, let's just say, I would like some recognition. So, here are a few pics, sorry there isn't more, and yes, the cake was freaking awesome. Definitely a keeper.

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