Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well then, another birthday....

Yep another birthday. I am thirty*coughcough* years old. Woo Hoo. Today i am going shopping with Mom, and then to Lincoln Center to their Xmas Open house. Maybe some lunch, who knows, we are gonna get WACKY! Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phillips Farms Fun

OK, so we had a little outing today, with Gramma and Grandpa. We went to Lodi- Phillips Farms to be exact. We saw silly pumpkin scenes, the kids walked through tunnels, made from bales of hay, Mommy spent quality time looking at their chickens and roosters (why do i love chickens so much? Weird) We then rounded it out by purchasing pumpkins. Jennah of course got a "teeny-tiny pumpkin" and Ayman got one he could not even lift on his own. All in all, it was a nice day.
Hay Ayman! Whats up?
Raggedy Ayman
Ayman and Jennah on corn donkeys or something.
Sissy and Brother, standing at the entrance to a hay tunnel.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin patch field trip

So, Jennahs preschool class went on a field trip today, to the pumpkin patch. It was alot of fun. She was in a group with her BFF, Rana. Here they are when they just got off of the bus.
There was also a hayride. Since there was a big rain the other day, they didnt take us out to the orchard, becuse they were afraind to get stuck in the mud. We did a couple laps around the parking lot and pumpkin stand. It was cool. It was the first hayride for Jennah and I both. Good times.
There was also a "Planting Station" where the whole class planted Sweet Peas. It is called "learning" Whatever that is supposed to mean....

It was a good day, but a long one. It was HOT. Just two days ago, you would have thought it was the end of the world- or time to build an ark, it was raining so hard; today, 80's. Whatever! A special thanks to Uncle Alex, who endured the stink-eye from Ayman's kindergarten teacher to pick him up. Without that, this trip wouldn't have been possible for me. Thanks, Uncle!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jennah is a drama queen; funny.

So Jennah biffed it at the coffee shop with Amr and Ayman, and apparently bruised a bone. I took her to the Dr. for xrays and it isnt broken. That is good. However, she is milking the injury. I expect no less from a daughter of mine.

In other Jennah news: she put a leash on the step stool and said it is a puppy. She has named it Shatawny.
She calles Scooby Doo "Scooby Dude", and handstands are hamsticks.
Just so you know.

Ayman doesnt like you to laugh at his stories. Even if they are funny on purpose.
He came in the house from the garage a few weeks ago and told me: "Hey Mom you know why i was shaking? I went out into the garage and the light was off and I was freaking out."
Ok, how do you keep a straight face thru that comment? You don't. I am having a hard time explaining the difference between "laughing at" and "laughing with."

It will make sense some day.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Umm, Six month regurge, sorry folks. Time flies.

Okay so yeah, i have been a terrible blogger. Real quick before i go in to all these pictures let me update you on me. I took my CRT exam and passed with flying colors and am now Cassandra Smedley-Nasr, CRT. Yay me! I also went to my 20 year class reunion in August and it was a wonderful time, however i forgot my camera so no pics. Like you care, right? So that is it for me. Lets talk about the above pic, this whole post goes backwards chronologically and i havent got the patience to change it so forgive me.
Above Pic is from my adorable niece, Emilias first birthday. She loves her auntie.

Here is the birthday girl with her adoring cousin fan club.
Thend result of jennahs very first haircut. She was so excited. She wanted to look like her friend Rana. It looks so cute. I gotta say i teared up when I took her for this cut. Yes, i save the hair.
During her haircut. She sat still very good for it.
Jennah before her first big girl haircut. I did this on the second day of school when i decided that i no longer had the patience to brush out all that hair.
Ayman, Mommy and Jennah on the first day of school. Jennah is in preschool and Ayman is in kindergarten.
Jennah was so ecited to go to school, and her class starts 55 minutes after Aymans. She thought i was taking her home, and lost it. Then when we got to the preschool she was all smiles again. Drama Queen.
Here is Jennah and Ayman on the ginormous slide at the county fair. they loved that thing.
Ayman took a trip to the train museum in Sacramento with Uncle Jim, Aunt Cindy, Jacob and Adam. He could not have been more excited, let me tell ya.
Ok her is a bit of silliness. This is 4th of July at my mom and Dads. this guy next to me is Jacob, my cousin. We were all amazed at how much we look like each other, and commented that if you put a goatee on me, we would be twins. well, scroll down.
Jake did a darn fine job photoshoping that goatee on me. LOOK WE'RE TWINS!
Jennah and her Daddy at 4th of July BBQ at gramma and grampas.
Woo Hoo! Sparklers! Ayman loved this, and.....
So did Jennah.
So we went to Mickey Grove, and they had these lorakeets. One Crapped on me, then another one bit me. Freaking birds.
this picture is at Pixie woods, in june Jennah looked so pretty in these hydrangeas. She was all "Look Mom the flowers are beautiful!!!!"
Jennah and Ayman in front of the little train at Pixie Woods. This was a big hit. Helpful himt, dont sit in the first car behind the engine. I had a headache from the deisel fumes. bleh!
Cute face, there, Ayman. Pixie Woods. It was a good day.
McDonalds Picnic before going to Pixie Woods. Grampa and Ayman were yackin' it up.
Millie, Uncle Alex and Ayman at Aymans preschool graduation.
Ayman getting his preschool completion ceritificate from Ms. Sonia. Sonia is now Jennahs preschool teacher.
Millie and her pretty Grandma at Aymans graduation.
The happy familia de Nasr at Aymans graduation, June 3, 2009
Jennah looking like a diva in Gammas sunglasses, at graduation.
This is Cameron, Ayman and Rami getting ready to graduate.

OK! I am not a good blogger anymore.

I am going to keep this blog, But, i have become quite crappy at posting on it.
i will post a regurge soon, with pictures, I promise.
Hope all is well out there in the blogspere! Don't give up on me i will take care of business with this, i swear.

Monday, April 27, 2009

three month regurge...hold on to your hat.

I went into the kid's room to check on Jennah, and found this. 1.29.09

Ayman had a picture he drew featured at The Haggin Musseum That is Daddy, Mommy, Ayman and Jennah.- 2.7.09
In his preschool play, Ayman played the role of the King, in Humpty Dumpty.- 3.12.09

Of course Jennah had to get in the act too; she held a star in "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" -3.12.09

Ok, yes, it has been quite a while since i posted anything to this blog. I just havent been feeling it. Quite a bit has gone on, because, well, it has been three months since i posted. First up- I need to mention that my Great grandmother passed away- She would have been 97 this year, she passed shortly before her birthday. I can't really say that I am sad, she was a tad out of it there at the end, and never got out of bed. I just know that she is in a better place now. She had a long, full life. OK, so there is that.

Lets jump in shall we? Ayman had a preschool play based on the nursery rhymes of Mother Goose. Ayman had the role of the King in the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. (for the Egyptian family, since I dont know if you are familiar with mother goose, here is a link to wiki) He did just great in the play, and had a super spiffy costume. Jennah got in on the action by injecting herself (with permission from Ms. Sonia and Ms. Sar of course) into the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star rhyme. She did very good as well. This is Aymans last preschool play (I think) because he will be in kindergarten next year. It was Jennah's first play, as she will be enrolling in preschool for the new school year (hopefully, ISA) Ayman had a art exhibition at the local museum, The Haggin Museum, It was really cool. Amr, Jennah, Ayman, Mom, Dad and I all went out to the museum to check it out. I just figured out I dont have the patience to put more pictures in this post so keep on reading.

Three month regurge, Part Deux

Jennah turned three on the 18th of March,we had her birthday at Grandma and Grandpas house, and it was a princessy good time.-3.22.09Jennah let her brother help her open presents, she is a super good sharer. It is possible that this trait will develop in to a trait of mine: oversharing.

Seriously? Would you look at this cake? Totally cute, and Grandma and Grandpa bought it for her. By the way, we saved all the accoutrements for Tiny Baby's birthday.

Ayman ust looked over my shoulder as I was captioning this stuff. He said "Hey! Why am I wearing that on my head?" Why indeed, Ayman? Why indeed. He is learning alot. he can actually identify a the 'pupa' stage of a ladybug life cycle. (the eggs, larvae and adult too!)

I just thought this was a cute picture of Jennah at the playground near Ayman's school.

My Mom and Dad are having a swimming pool installed in their backyard right now, (Yay!) It should be done just in time for summer. They needed some help hauling dirt, and landscaping so they called on Amr. He brought the kids with them and they had the added bonus of child labor as well. They work for fruit snacks and chocolate milk. How cute is Jennah with this farmer look?

Both children were a big help, and worked very hard. And, yes people, we sunblocked them to the bejeebus.

Then came Easter- We went to Alex and Renee's house to rock out with cousin Millie and find some easter eggs.

And, of couse Jennah looked adorable, and found some eggs.

So Jennah found some scarves in my closet, and came to me and said "Make me look like Tetah Lilah" so I did, and she was totally thrilled.

Gramma bought Jennah a Barbie jeep from Craigslist (killer not included!). Jennah always lets Ayman drive it, and he is an excellent driver. (400 Oak Street)

I took Ayman and Jennah to see a vintage locomotive at the train station in Stockton. It is locomotive no. 844, and has been on Union Pacific's roster since 1944. It is based out of Wyoming, and was on its way to Roseville. The children found the train to be loud, and it scared them. I barely got them to stand next to each other really far on the platform so I could take this pic. 4.22.09

I got Ayman to stand on the front of the engine. I took the picture. Then a regular train passed about 20 feet from us, and he and Jennah fell apart. It was the first of several meltdowns that the both of them had that day. In trying to take Ayman to see the trains he loves, I think I may have traumatized him. That night, he asked me not to take him to see "the scary trains" again. then he woke up twice with nightmares. However, he has totally been talking about the train since then, and now he watches videos of the same train on Youtube. Speaking of youtube, check out this 13 second video of the children freaking out. I was trying to take video of the burst of flame on the underworkings of the train. The noise got a little louder and I turned around to find...Well, you'll see.

So that is it, sorry I got lame, I cannot guarantee regular postings but I will keep you up to date.
Ciao for now.