Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jennah is a drama queen; funny.

So Jennah biffed it at the coffee shop with Amr and Ayman, and apparently bruised a bone. I took her to the Dr. for xrays and it isnt broken. That is good. However, she is milking the injury. I expect no less from a daughter of mine.

In other Jennah news: she put a leash on the step stool and said it is a puppy. She has named it Shatawny.
She calles Scooby Doo "Scooby Dude", and handstands are hamsticks.
Just so you know.

Ayman doesnt like you to laugh at his stories. Even if they are funny on purpose.
He came in the house from the garage a few weeks ago and told me: "Hey Mom you know why i was shaking? I went out into the garage and the light was off and I was freaking out."
Ok, how do you keep a straight face thru that comment? You don't. I am having a hard time explaining the difference between "laughing at" and "laughing with."

It will make sense some day.

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