Friday, August 26, 2005

The Cutest Picture Ever...

 Posted by PicasaHe just really knows how to work it. My son, posing in the bathtub. He's so cheesy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

HBO: Six Feet Under - Obituary

Ok, I don't know how many of you all watch this show, but I love it. The series finale was on Sunday and I wept copiously. Really, I did. I watched again last night and did much of the same. I have to say though that it was such a satisfying ending to a great show. I kept wondering how they would wrap it up, and thinking to myself, I hope they have a movie or something to let us know how these lives turn out.... The last ten minutes were awesome. I love that it was wrapped up, SOLID. I am trying not to drop any spoilers here, but let us say I am not left wondering. I only miss the characters now. I was telling my mom, after she watched it, that I felt like someone died. I guess that is probably what they were going for.

Now for some fun, click on the link to view the obituaries.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


 Posted by PicasaThat baby loves corn on the cob. Last time he ate it, I didn't take a picture, but this time I was prepared. He is so cute. Not biased.
Okay, so today is Aymans 20 month mark. Wow time flies when you are sleep deprived and half retarded from the boggling things your child does.

Hey Baby, you are 20 months old today. It was pretty much like any other mommy day at home, you watched teletubbies, had to stand in the corner, ate some Cherrios and went to the store with mommy. You also got into her root beer. Mommy should know better by now, because this isn't the first time that you have done something like this, but mommy has a thick skull, and sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in. You still don't talk all that much yet, but as gramma says " Maybe he doesn't have anything to say" I think that may be it. You sure are babbling a lot though, these days. You imitate Daddy by walking around the house holding just about anything up to your ear, pretending like you are on the cell phone. The funny thing though, when anyone does talk to you on th e phone you shove it away like it is gonna bite. You say 'ah' for "no" in Arabic (which is la'ah) and point your finger at the same time, Just like mama and Daddy. You also say DaDa, and BaBa for daddy, not a bottle and on occasion, when pressed will say MaMa. I think you are trying to say gramma by saying NaNa sometimes. For Petie, you scream. When you see Grampa you scream because Petie is almost always with him. When you walk up to Grampas house you scream in the front window for Petie, and he knows it is you. You guys are great friends, kinda. You love him--He steers clear of you. You have met two new friends recently, Tavia and Jasmine, and we have been going swimming at grammas with them. You really didn't like the pool too much the first time you went in, and the second time you went--you fell asleep in your floatie thing, but by the third time you were pretty professional at it. You just don't like it when momma surprises you and dunks you under water real fast, and I can't blame you. I just don't want you to be scared of the water. Let me tell you a secret- Your Daddy can't swim to good. You need to swim better than that and mommy can, and she will teach you. Speaking of Daddy, he take s you out every night for a walk around the neighborhood. Tonight he told me that you are getting very famous around here. He says that the neighbors all wave at you when they pass by in their cars, or when you go by their houses. How can you not be famous as sweet as you are? Okay, it is very late, and momma wants to sleep. Just know, as I am sure you do, because I tell you every day a million times I love you baby.

You Live and Learn...

 Posted by PicasaSo I am making my family a nutritious and wonderfully delicious dinner last night. That Baby is in the living room, being suspiciously quiet. You know the quiet that almost screams "Come look at me I am totally doing something I shouldn't be!" and sure enough, he was. I had a can of diet root beer on the end table. He got up on to the couch and decided he was parched and therefore needed a drink of said refreshment. This is the end result. I mean how can you even get upset at that? Sure my sofa is soaking wet with diet rootbeer, and my son looks as if he should be running around a trailer park with "Dueling Banjos" playing in the background but hey, you gotta cherish these childhood moments....RIGHT, RIGHT? Anywho, the boy is a joy. I am blessed.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Um, excuse me?

 Posted by PicasaI went to my friend Nelsys' House. She and I have discovered that Ayman has a thing for older women. She has two daughters, one is going to be three and the other will be ten. He loves looking at, and playing with Jasmine, the ten year old, but will hardly acknowledge the three year old, Tavia. In this picture, Ayman is using Nelsys' back to rest his butt while he pushes cars on her couch, because anyone who knows Ayman, knows:
HE LOVES WHEELS. Any wheels, any kind, on anything.
He had a lot of fun playing with the girls and is sufficiently pooped now. I am tempted not to give him a bath, but he is so tired, that might be just what he needs. Anyway, Thanks Nelsy for having us over, and Thanks to her husband Tavo, who did the great work on the car.
And, before I forget, Ayman hit a milestone. He sat down on the floor and ate an oreo cookie a bite at a time like a civilized human. No stuffing the entire thing in his mouth. It was an awesome sight.

Friday, August 05, 2005

That Baby Says "Da Da"

Of course He had a little prompting from Mama.
click here for cuteness!

Swimmin' with That Baby

 Posted by PicasaOk, so he isn't exactly swimming. He fell asleep. He was very relaxed.
Oh, hey, sorry all, my posting has been sucking for a few weeks. My Dad gave me this awesome camera, a Kodak, with the printer dock and all and I have been having trouble with it. I can't install it for some reason, darnit. I have tried and tried (this am anyway) and am ready to throw it out the window. I am looking forward to spending some quality time on the phone with tech support tomorrow to figure out exactly what is going on, but until then I offer you this picture of my son and I at in the swimming pool at my moms. Enjoy.