Monday, August 08, 2005

Um, excuse me?

 Posted by PicasaI went to my friend Nelsys' House. She and I have discovered that Ayman has a thing for older women. She has two daughters, one is going to be three and the other will be ten. He loves looking at, and playing with Jasmine, the ten year old, but will hardly acknowledge the three year old, Tavia. In this picture, Ayman is using Nelsys' back to rest his butt while he pushes cars on her couch, because anyone who knows Ayman, knows:
HE LOVES WHEELS. Any wheels, any kind, on anything.
He had a lot of fun playing with the girls and is sufficiently pooped now. I am tempted not to give him a bath, but he is so tired, that might be just what he needs. Anyway, Thanks Nelsy for having us over, and Thanks to her husband Tavo, who did the great work on the car.
And, before I forget, Ayman hit a milestone. He sat down on the floor and ate an oreo cookie a bite at a time like a civilized human. No stuffing the entire thing in his mouth. It was an awesome sight.

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