Friday, May 26, 2006

New haircut.

Posted by PicasaAymans Gramma Cindy took him for a hair cut on Tuesday. We all think he looks real spiffy.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What the Hell, People?

I was just watching Nightline and they had a story about how a marine unit wiped out three families in Iraq, for no good reason. They were comparing this incident to the My Lai Massacre of 1968. This really sickens me on so many levels. I do not support this war, and never have. My uncle had to spend some time in Iraq with his National Guard unit, and I will say that I support him and respect the job he had to do there. I do not respect the reason we are there or the President that sent him. I think it is becoming more and more of a quagmire everyday. The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Michael W. Hagee, had to fly in to Iraq this week to remind soldiers of the danger of becoming "indifferent to the loss of a human life" .
I feel bad that these soldiers and sailors are even in a position where they have to be reminded of such a thing. They should not be there. Now that they are the stress of the combat situation is turning them into animals. I am not excusing this barbaric behavior. I love Marines. I was a hospital corpsman stationed on a Marine Corps base for my entire service in the Navy. I respect these guys, and the very hard jobs that they have to do. It just disturbs me that this is happening. The kicker here as well, is that this cannot be the only time that this has happened. You just know that it has happened before, and the unit had: A.) no questions asked, B.) some smart folks who made it look justified, and or C.) CO's who did not give a rats ass. (just call'em insurgents!). I think we will be hearing about more of these incidents as this ridiculous war goes on. I am just not looking forward to it. Sorry in advance to any military member I offend. I do have a right to voice my opinion, and needless loss of life hurts everyone. Take it up with the Commander in Chief if you have a problem.

Harold won, and other crap.

Loser TV Report:Harold Deiterle won Top Chef. He deserved it. That Tiffani was all over the place. Taylor Hicks won too, like no one knows that one. I am so happy for the dude. I didn't watch all of Idol, I used to TiVo the auditions, and ole Taylor was on one of them. I am stoked he got it. It serves Simon right for wanting to pass on true talent in the beginning. Such a "suck it" moment for him. Then there was Lost--sometimes I just want to say screw it as far as that show goes. But I know I will be back. The season finale was whole lot of nothing tonight, those jerks. A nice surprise- when I was finished watching the recording of Top Chef, Bravo was having a sneak peek at season 2 of Kathy Griffins show so I watched that. That chick is HILARIOUS. My mom and I went all the way down to San Diego last November to see her and it was totally worth it. I would go again. Anyway, there is my TV junkie report.
In non-TV related news, Ayman got a hair cut. I would post a pic of it, but Kodaks Ofoto is down right now. I started on another dress for Jennah. I got as far as cutting it out, so I consider that a lot accomplished. The boy is finally starting to really talk. Today, Jennah was crying on the couch, and I was making Aymans PB&J, so I told him to give his sissy her bzaza (pacifier). He went in the living room, and I didn't really think any thing of it. Then he came back in and said "I did it!" You can imagine my surprise-- not only did he come in and say a complete sentence (I think) but his sister wasn't crying, he actually DID do it. She had her bzaza in her mouth. I was so proud. Thank you, Dora the Explorer.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Get Out Your Insulin

Posted by PicasaMy mom and I made Jennah a dress. Here she is wearing it, and giving us her first photograpically captured smile. Check out the shoes. I love Wal-Mart. Stay tuned dear readers I just got a new sewing machine (thanks, Dad.)and I am all bout making a couple dresses with hair bows to match, I am just that sickening. Jennah told me she can't wait and wants more, more, more clothes to hang on those cute little baby hangers. I can't say no.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hello, Gorgeous!

I took this picture of Jennah while she was sitting on my lap. She had smiled at me, but i didn't catch that in time. I'm so lucky, she is a good baby. We went to her doctors appointment and she went from 7lbs 7 oz, to 10 lbs! Woo Hoo my breastmilk must be a fatty brew!
And in Ayman news, he has learned how to throw a classic temper tantrum. Ahhhh the joys of the terrible twos! He will get that long string of drool going and everything. It is lovely. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fair Winds and Following Seas....

Lee Anne Wong of Top Chef. Posted by Picasa
I was very disturbed by last evenings' Top Chef. That Dave made it to Vegas, leaving down to Lee Anne and Tiffani (beeeeaaatch) and since Lee Annes dish was too busy, she got eliminated. She should have been going to the final round. Dave consistently f-ed up his dishes and was called out for being the worst, almost being eliminated more than once. Lee Anne was not like this and was very professional. Let's just say I am disgusted. At least that jerk Steven got eliminated though, so I am convinced there is a God.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Aymans Daddy Will Be Thrilled I Showed Him This.

Posted by PicasaToday I taught my son a Smedley family time honored tradition of licking the beaters. Let's just say HE LOVED IT.

how cute is this? Posted by Picasa

Waiting In Hell.

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Here we are. Jennah, Ayman and I, waiting in the newborn waiting room at the doctors office. We didn't actually see the doctor yesterday, because it turns out the insurance is all jacked up right now. We get to do it all again on Thursday. That was an hour and a half of our lives we'll never get back. Because you know it is so easy toting two kids and their accoutrement. Jerks.