Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jennah's Hello Kitty Birthday cake

And here we have my daughters sixth birthday cake.  I made the the Kitty with gum paste, all of the flowers with royal icing, and the petal frosting pattern, I got straight from Pinterest.  The totally kooky thing today was that I got this big, bad-assed cake tip (see below) for frosting cakes.  It knocked the crumb coating and filling in between layers out with a quickness.

How about that bad boy, huh?

So there ya have it.  Hello Kitty birthday cake.

Jennah and Mommy

On a more personal note, six years and three hours ago, I gave birth to a tiny little girl, and named her Jennah. Jennah, my baby doll, you are getting so big and turning into such a charming little lady.  I love you so much.  I look forward to watching you grow up, even though I wish you could stay little. *sniffle* oxoxox Mama

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