Monday, April 30, 2007

Totally stoked

I took my latest test, on the Cardiovascular system and Respiratory system. We had to get a 70% on this test to move on in the course. There were no bonus questions, and 121 questions on the test, but the test was worth 242 points. that is 8 less than the final will be next week.
I got a 118- 97%....The highest score in class, AWW YEAH.
Dude, I only missed three! That was awesome! But then again, I did study, HELLO.

Oh, yeah, enjoy this picture of Jennah with her brothers pajama pants on her head, tied up to look like a turban. It is super sweet. She loves hats. And beads, in fact, I am surprised she isn't wearing some beads in this picture.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Asparagus Festival Fun

My Mom, Gene, Amr, Ayman, Jennah and I went to the Asparagus festival this weekend. We cruised the booths looked at the tiny home and garden show and had asparagus and tritip sandwiches. Ayman ate more gum, coffee candies and altoids then I thought possible, and Jennah enjoyed an ice cream cone....It was fun. Thanks Gene a reeno!
Amr and Ayman stopped to watch the skateboarding at the "got milk" half pipe. Ayman was displaying approximately 3 inches of plumbers crack while sitting on his daddys shoulders.

Two monkeys being happy and silly, looking at gramma.

Look at Sissy work that ice cream cone. look at the concentration on her face. I think I can say a good time was had by all. It was frickin' hot out there!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am slow.

Okay. On Monday, I had another test in A&P and got a 94 out of 98, and scored 7 bonus questions which kicked me up to a 100%; the second highest score in class. I haven't written about this until now because, I have to do two presentations, and have been very busy working on those. But now, I have to go because Jennah just woke up, the house is a mess, and it is 4 pm and I need a shower. I still haven't studied for Mondays test, but hey, I will find time I guess....
I'm out-
Update: I did well with my presentations, and had time to actually correct the spelling and gramatical errors from when I posted it before. Yay! Now it is time to study.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am just tired....of everything

I can't believe all the crap that is going on in this country these days.
Rosie O'donell had a good idea. I think I will register as an Independent too.
All these things are creating a perfect distraction for GWB and Co. to run roughshod over the country. Jerks. Yeah, I said it. Whatever.... I don't wanna think anymore, my brain is fried. On that note, I will go and study. I got my test results for my second A&P test- a 94%. I thought I totally bombed, but ended up with the #4 score. Ilamdulillah. This is hard though.
I am out.

This is funny, and wrong. But more funny.

That video was funny but it was driving me batty, so I removed it and will give you the link instead.
Here is the link.
The Landlord
If you have not seen it, you have too take a look.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Little Accident ( or Jennah has a bad day)

On Friday the 13th Jennah had a little accident. I guess she biffed it going down the tiny front step on our porch. I was at school. Amr being the good Daddy, let her bleed and took pictures of it. Hahahaha, no seriously he did. Of course i am leaving out the part about how she refused to be consoled until she got her bzaza. That is blood on her cute little shirt and face, by the way. Her ponytails are all lopsided. Shortly after this picture was taken, I came home from school and we all met my Dad, Uncle Alex, and Auntie Nay Nay at Red Lobster. We had a good dinner. After that, everyone came back to our house. We were all kinda chatting in the living room. Ayman was swinging around one of Jennahs toys- a decent sized Spider that coincidentally (or not) sings "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". On the backswing, he clocked poor Jennah in the noggin with it. Then, she was walking towards Uncle Alex, not 5 minutes later and stepped poorly on a little racetrack toy of Aymans, and totally fell down on it. Her little thigh landed on top of it in a way that made me think "Aye, that's gonna leave a mark." Then about 15 minutes after that, she was reaching down to pet Petie (my Dads dog) and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled; it was all so fast.... and Petie yapped at her. More tears, some butthurt. I think we can safely say that Friday, April 13th was not my babdoll's day.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Test results not related to Anna Nicole Smith.....

I got a 98% on my first test in Anatomy and Physiology. Third in the class. Woo frickin' hoo!
They also just told us that the top two of the class can do clinicals at UC Davis, which would look very sweet on a resume, I think. It would be a long drive, but it is a huge teaching hospital, I think it would be worth it. I have to keep my grades up though, because my first round of clinicals isn't until January, which gives me a long time to screw up my good start. I am really just looking to finish the course and pass my boards, without having killed anyone in the process (that doesn't look sweet on a resume. But hey, eventually i will kill someone, so i guess i ought to get it out of the way early...hahaha just kidding, kinda.) At least I can sleep tonight. After I study.
Oh yeah, enjoy some totally sweet pictures of my monkeys. Ayman was in a picture mood today, so I went for it. Thank goodness I vacuumed today.

kissy kissy my sissy.

these two are so sweet.

Hippity Hoppity, Y'all.

I thought I would finally post some pictures from Easter. Not bad, I am only a couple of days late....I started school on the 29th of March, quit my job, and now here I am, a stay at home mom again, this time a student. I took my first test yesterday, it was on the first six chapters of Anatomy and Physiology. Studying for it kind of sucked, but the test seemed easy. Which worries me. What if I totally blew it? I mean I am no over-achiever to be sure, but I don't want to fail....Eh, I better not stress. It's bad enough I barely got any sleep thinking of the test last night, and questions that I most surely got wrong kept on popping into my head. I had to take an extra Ambien at 2 am because I was wide awake just plexing. Crap, whatever.
We kept finding these bugs in the house, (in addition to the huge Madagascar hissing cockraoches, that is.) they look like ants with wings, just bigger than ants. Ayman would pick them up and put them in the back of his new ATW Mini Radio Flyer and give them rides around the house. I thought the first one was just a one time thing, then we kept on finding them, by my sliding glass door. It turns out it is termites. Fun. Thank god we only rent. I guess they are going to come and spray. At least I don't have to pay for it. God only knows how many of those things Jennah's eaten. Now if we can just get rid of the roaches. I got up at 2 am, and there was a big ass one and a half incher, just kicking it on the counter top. He had Internet Explorer open on my laptop and was surfing roach porn. It was so belligerent it didn't even try to run away when I turned on the light... I think it was ill. I put a line of death around my microwave about 2 weeks ago and have been finding huge sluggish roaches ever since. The can of roach killer says "Kills instantly" I guess that only works for the small ones, because my mom had to spray so much of that stuff on one roach that it died from drowning, not poison. So, I guess the roach killer just makes them die a very slow death. Usually, I find them in their death throes and do away with them. I am sure I will find that guy in a few days, after all of it's children have hatched and have planned their attack on my family. Yuck.
Oh, and by the way, not that this is a Hollywood gossip blog or anything, but Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy turned out to be Larry Birkhead. You knew it was going to turn out like that. Now they can start work on the Lifetime movie.....
Any hoo, enjoy the pictures and thank you to: Mom , Dad, Alex, Renee, and Gene for all the cool Easter presents for the kids. They are enjoying them alot. Jennah likes to carry around the socks you got her, Auntie Naynay, and she has her gloworm and the teddy bear she got from Grampa in the crib with her.

Jennah first Easter egg hunt. Observe the dress with matching hair kerchief.

Ayman with his all terrain egg-hauler/bug transport. Thanks Gene.

Jennah was wiped out from the days activities when we got her home so I put her down, she was asleep before I got out of the room, so of course, I had to take a picture of it.