Monday, April 30, 2007

Totally stoked

I took my latest test, on the Cardiovascular system and Respiratory system. We had to get a 70% on this test to move on in the course. There were no bonus questions, and 121 questions on the test, but the test was worth 242 points. that is 8 less than the final will be next week.
I got a 118- 97%....The highest score in class, AWW YEAH.
Dude, I only missed three! That was awesome! But then again, I did study, HELLO.

Oh, yeah, enjoy this picture of Jennah with her brothers pajama pants on her head, tied up to look like a turban. It is super sweet. She loves hats. And beads, in fact, I am surprised she isn't wearing some beads in this picture.

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