Sunday, December 30, 2007

4 Wheelin'!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I love Al Gore

I was just watching a repeat of The Daily Show from Memorial Day Weekend. Al Gore was on, and he did two segments. It was awesome. I really wish that guy would run for President. He totally kicks ass. I think he could win if he ran. Too bad he isnt going to. I wish Draft Gore actually worked. Plus, he is hunky. I wanna see some more of him with the facial hair working. That was awesome. If you never have done this, read his wiki page. The guy really kicks ass.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Next, after TV is the internets.....

So my life revolves around TV and the internets. When not in school, that is. Obviously this bunch of posts is happening because I have some more time. Normally I would be in school at this time, but not now, as I have said, I am on vacay.
Now on to the reason for my post....

Why am I so disturbed by this? Is it because she has a show on Nickelodeon? Is it because she is a role model for young girls everywhere because of said show? Is it because after her sisters trailer park twins, and the obvious cautionary tale she presents, this little bitch still got pregnant? What the HELL is the Mother doing over here. I was giving that woman the benefit of the doubt with Britney, because that idiot is working her own stupid agenda. Clearly that one is beyond help, but Jamie Lynn? 16 years old, Still, technically a minor, (but i am not sure about that any more. Can't she be considered emancipated once she is pregnant? She was probably emacipated as soon as she started making that money) Where the hell was mom? Ok, what was I doing at 16? Besides the point. I wasn't on TV with a show geared at young girls. I am not saying that the Mom should march her daughter out and get an abortion; but how can they turn this around, so it doesn't glamorize teenage pregnancy?
Fricking ridiculous.
I mean, seriously people- this is what happens when white trash gets money. You can take the family out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the family.
And this concludes my rant, thanks for tuning in.

Can jou feel it? I said, CAN JOU FEEL IT?

WOO HOOO! It's Nip/Tuck Tuesday! Yes, my life revolves around tv. You should have seen me when i still had my DVR. Man, I miss that thing. Last week was the first really good show of the season. I can't wait to see tonight. I will be very bummed when they run out of shows, which I am guessing will be really soon. I wish the writers were off of strike already. Crap.

Monday, December 17, 2007

there is no escape

I am sleepy. I actually didn't have school tonight. I am on vacay. The downside, when i usually get to make my escape, at the time of day when my kids are most irritating, there is no escaping. I am stuck. Ayman is very close to nodding off right now, it is his sheer determination to finish the episode of The Backyardigans that Amr cued up for him, that is preventing him from falling asleep.

Jennah was just in bed with Ayman. We told her she could sleep with him and we went out of the room. Amr and I just stood outside the door. For 3 seconds they were giggling. Then Jennah calls "DAD-DEEE" Amr goes in. she wants water. She drinks water, Amr goes out. Before his hand is off of the door knob, "DAD-DEEE" Amr opens the door- Jennah says "Hi!" OK, no more messing around. I got the crib ready , we put her in it. All is now quiet on the home front.
Hmm, time to chill, if Ican stay awake, and dig on some Kevin McKidd in Journeyman.
I know the above picture is from Rome, but I liked Vorenus, so sue me. It is all good, I say.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I am going to fricking Maric College because of the evening classes, and flexible schedule. They have me going somewhere far away for a clinical rotation. When i found out someone didnt pass the class required to go on clinical, thereby opening up a position, 15 minutes from where i live, I called to ask for that positon. The powertripper I talked to straightup said "no" because it would be "Too much work" This is what I pay 30 grand for? No fricking consideration. What the hell ever. I am not over it. I will work on it, but this isn't over by a long shot. Too much work? PUH-leeze. Consider what you are getting with this school. Consider it for a while if you are thinking of going there, San Joaquin Valley. Most of the faculty cares, but don't expect administration to put out much effort by any means.
Man, I am heated.

Tired, my people.

I am tired.
I took my comprehensive lab final last night, and really felt that I tanked it. There were several questions I actually didnt answer and questions i straight up guessed at. I got an 85%. One of the top two scores in the class if not the best in the class. I was shocked. i mean, really shocked. I was thinking if i got a C on that test it would be a total miracle. Hopefully I am going to pull a B+ or if i am really lucky, an A-. That would be awesome, and put me back on the honor roll. I didn't get honor roll last module because i made straight B's, not that there is anything wrong with B's but I like A's better. I heard there is a lot of people failing our class, and I am looking to poach a clinical site closer to home. It may cause me to be a pain in the ass, but if it shaves 90 minutes off of a commute i am happy. I will look into this tomorrow- I havent called Oak Valley hospital yet to confirm my orientation, so I may have wiggle room.
So now I will sleep. Gee, it is only 217 am, actually, that is about right.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It was a very good day.

Today was a very good day.

I didn't know it was going to be a good day, and I didn't try to make it one. It just was.

First, my son woke up all on his own, with out any bullying, tickling or harrassment. Jennah and I slept until noon. I got up, and let the chicken outside. Then i made frosting for a cake i made for a classmates surprise baby shower, that I organized. The cake was a white cake, with homemade butter cream frosting, and bananas in between the layers. I frosted it and decorated it with "It's a Girl!". Last night, I put together this awesome gift basket, which included an 80 dollar gift card to target. So, while i was frosting the cake, my chickens voice changed, which is to say, it started clucking it's tail feathers off. Today was the first time it did that. It was a horrible noise but so cute (in a noisy annoying way, but it is different when they are your own). Then I introduced Jennah to the joys of frosting. from there on out it was "Bobby! Please?" Then she would hold up her little index finger like "1" for more frosting. Very hard to say no to. We went and picked up Ayman. Then, I took them both to Del Taco for lunch. At Del Taco, Ayman decided he had to pee which really sucks, because we have to take his shoes and his pants off. But today, i just put him on the toilet. he was kind of looking at me like i was nuts. then i showed him- Push down above your "you know" and pee. Surprisingly, he did it. I was shocked. He is a creature of habit so i totally expected him to revolt but he went with it. The cool thing there was he was surprised how easy it was, to go potty with out taking of his clothes from the waist down. We went home, Ayman sang to me all the way home. I went to school, the surprise baby shower went well and everyone liked my cake. Then we took our final (The first of two) and I got a 141 out of 159- which is pretty freaking kick ass. (For not studying too much at all) So all in all a good day. to some it may be mundane, and very "Mom oriented" but i loved every minute of it. Eh, now i am tired. I am enjoying the Nip/Tuck right now and then off to bed. woo fricking HOO!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Preschool Birthday Party

The top picture is Ayman, totally enjoying the frosting of the Funfetti cupcakes, i painstakingly made for Aymans party at preschool. The second picture shows the excited kids when they sat down to enjoy said cupcakes. The bottom picture is Jennah getting in on some cupcake action. When she goes to Aymans school, she owns it. Here she is with Aymans best friend. Jaziel. Jaziel doesn't speak english, and Ayman doesn't speak spanish but they get along great. Jaziel also looooooves Jennah.

Happy Birthday Ayman.

Here are some cute picks of my baby boy, who today, turns four. I can't believe it. He is so big now, and cute and funny and sweet, everything i was hoping for, I got in him. So happy Birthday Ayman, Mommy, Daddy, Jennah and Chicky love you very much.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today is my 3(coughcoughahemblercack)th Birthday.

So this is a birthday, refer to other birthdays to find out which one, because I'm not telling. So far so good, so let's hope that this coming year will be even better. I am excited at the prospect of spending another year with the people I love and making a difference, blah blah blah, But seriously- Thank you to everyone who is helping me suceed- You all know who you are, and I love you.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween Part II and Autumn

Next stop on the Halloween tour- Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindy's house.

They did really good and got some fun toys.

However, they were done with the driving around and ready to trick or treat.

The next day, i used child labor to clean the Halloween mess.

I am telling you, she likes to squat when you take her picture.

Halloween Part I

Jennah and her famous pose- squatting down. Don't ask....

I doctored Aymans store bought costume.
That reflective tape is awesome!

He even had his name on the back.

First stop- Uncle Alex and Auntie NayNay's house.

Sometimes, it is really hard to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.

Friday, October 26, 2007

My daughter scares me.

She is a daredevil. She isn't scared of anything-and that scares me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Portraits and Peeps

After showing his breasts, Mr. Peepers goes for his well earned beads.

Ok, we dont know if it is a boy or a girl yet, and I am not gonna go all Mike Rowe and squeeze out its poop to try and sex it.

The top picture is me and the kids in one of my awesome self portraits. It isn't that Amr wouldn't take the picture, I just like to take self portraits.

Pumpkins and Mr. Peepers

Jennah with a Jennah size pumpkin.

Amr takes a call on the princess phone.

Ayman is a swinger.

So my dad grew pumpkins in his yard this year, and we went over to pick them about a week and a half ago. While we were in the backyard we kept hearing a loud peeping noise, like a baby bird. That was weird because it is October and all. Then about a half hour later, Petie, my Dad's terrier started chasing something, It was a baby chicken. So meet the new Nasr- Mr. Peepers.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eid fun

Kol senna winta taybeen!
Jennah, Ayman and Amr went to an Eid celebration at this pizza place in town, her are some pictures from that.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wow, I suck at blogging these days.

I have too much stuff going on. Anyone who knows me knows this. Now add to this a total addiction for the show nip/tuck, and the fact that i have downloaded seasons one thru three onto my computer, and school is getting harder, you can figure out something will suffer somewhere. I can promise you now that i will post awesome pictures of the kids from Halloween, and probably the Eid celebration, which is tommorow. I do have a nice pic of Jennah and Ayman in the tub that i will post tonight. Jennah ran past me to get to the bathroom. I thought she would be waiting for me when I got in there, but she had already gotten in the tub. In her clothes and diaper. It weighed as much as her. She is a nut.
Here is what is new around me.

  • Ayman says "no" way too much

  • Jennah says "no" way too much

  • I have lost 20lbs since august.

  • I have a 3.87 gpa

  • there are 74 alumni from the class of 89 on my myspace reunion page.

  • I am putting off listening to the last disc of "The Time Travellers wife" because I know it ends badly (damn, it Wikipedia).

  • My dad teaches at my school now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Playground fun, Firehouse Storytime

She is is too much.

Ayman, having a great time at the playground.

Playing nice together for once.....

Ayman, got to ride in the fire truck, for about 20 feet.

They gave out "helmets"after the tour.

So on Monday, I took the kids to the park for a bit. They played like crazy for about 40 minutes. Then unbeknownst to Ayman, we walked over to the nearby fire station for a Storytime sponsored my the Stockton library. We were the first ones there, so the rookie fireman (very nice guy) let Ayman sit in the fire truck, and even drove him from the garage onto the driveway, Woo Hoo! The library lady read some books, the same rook fireman donned all of his gear, and showed the kids what firemen look like when they have to go in to a fire. He also made a point several times to remind the boys and girls to not run away or hide from the firemen if they come to fight a fire. I thought that was smart. They got to see where the firemen eat sleep and watch tv, then at the end of the tour, they handed our fire hats and sticker "badges" When it was time to go, Ayman did not want to, and tried to stay by holding on to the flag pole. It didn't work. When we got home, he flopped down on the couch and promptly passed out.
It was a good day for the both of them.
Today however, was not a good day for Jennah. She had an eighteen month check up and was the lucky recipient of 5-count 'em- 5 shots. The first one, she didn't notice really. the second placed a puzzling look on her face, the third stuck her bottom lip out, the fourth, well the fourth made her cry and then finally, the fifth made her do the O-so-sad, and somewhat scary, silent scream. The situation was quickly rectified with a Strawberry Shortcake sticker. I hooked her up with some M&Ms, and McDonalds, and she was good to go. When I came home from school tonight though, Amr told me she was walking funny. Poor baby, she was. she won't walk. when she does it is only like 2 steps, and they are stiff leg steps- no bending at the knee. I hope she is better tommorow- It maybe my fault though, I forgot to rub her thighs after the shots. Bad Mommy. I was busy hugging her and forgot to. I suck. Well I started a new module tonight and I actually have homework, so I think i am gonna be a good girl and do that.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A new friend

So, I got on the bus to buckle Ayman in this morning. The little boy that is in his class, Dante, wasn't in the seat he usually sits in. I was about to buckle Ayman in, and noticed Dante was sitting in the seat behind. I said "There you are, Dante" Ayman looked at me, and immediately stood up, and moved to sit next to Dante. It appears he has made a friend at school. Last time I took him to the preschool, Ayman ran in ahead of me, hung up his book bag, and ran to wash his hands and sit for his lunch. When Dante came in, Ayman stood up and yelled at him, "Dante, Come on and eat your lunch!"

I am totally loving the effects of preschool on my boy.

My son is blossoming

So, some folks know I had Ayman evaluated for speech delay, and he was found to have one, so he is in a special pre-k class. In this class he gets to do regular preschool stuff, plus work with speech therapists, and stuff like that. Every year, we will meet in June and discuss his progress. This past June was our first such meeting. The team of wonderful teachers at XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX Elementary suggested that Ayman be enrolled in general education preschool. So, I did. Now, instead of going to school from 830-1130, he goes from 830 (the bus picks him up at 730) until 230 when his sister and i go to pick him up. At preschool they sing, eat lunch, go to the library and play, play, play. He loves it. With the exception of a rough start going pee at school (he used to hold it until he got home when he only had the morning class) he is adjusting way better than I expected. In the short two weeks he has been back at school, he is talking more, asking questions, singing, and playing more than ever before. He actually says hello to people, when before he was too shy to do it. He initiates. It is awesome. I am really loving getting to see this growth my son is going through. That is what is really all about right? Watching your kids grow up, and become their own person, suceed, (and of course some failure) and enjoy thier lives. I am loving it. I find myself asking my husband about what Ayman did that evening when I come home from school. He does some funny unexpected things sometimes. Yesterday he flopped down on the couch and went "PHWEW!" while wiping his hand across his forehead. Where does he get that stuff? Then of course there is the polar opposite that is his sister Jennah. Where Ayman was always careful and deliberate, Jennah kind of barrels through things. She climbs like a mountain goat and is very chatty. She loves to dress up in a dish towel cape and under pants on her head, with hair elastics on her wrists as bracelets. She lets me do her hair in elaborate works, for an 18 month old she can really sit still better than I would expect. Of course, there is the awesome stuff she does, just to piss Ayman off, which makes me crazy. I realize that is just payback for how my brother and I were though, so I have to let that go. I guess I just wanted to get this down. I have been neglecting the blog lately, with all my other crap going on, I have a lot of balls in the air right now, probably more than I should. My mom and i were talking about it and we decided this is the stuff that should really get written down. So here it is.
Totally unrelated, but I have lost 10 pounds or so in the last couple of weeks. Good times.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh yeah, post #400!

And of course i am copping out an just putting up some pics from this weekend on the boat-

Dad cleaned it up, changed the oil and put it in the water for the first time this summer. We went out and had a nice picnic. A good time was had by all. Of course i totally ate it getting of the boat- didn't have my sea legs or i have a beatiful keepsake in the form of a huge bruise on my butt, and abrasions on my ankle and both knees. NICE. I like the way Jennah looks in her life preserver. No Neck City.there is also Aymans first day of school, and, Introducing: Jennah Nasr as Captain Underpants, in addition to the requisite self portrait. You know what? I have had my braces on for a year! that means only eight more months or less to go! Holy Jeez, some kooks are claiming Jesus's profile is in a knot of wood on a fence in Lodi. Go figure. Well, time to post and go out to the bike....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Buzz Cut

So this is what his hair ended up looking like. Much more even than yesterday. Like the look on his face? He is trying not to poop in the tub, actually he is just trying not to poop.

I told him he would have to be shaved as bald as Uncle Alex, but it isn't quite that short.

Despite his cold, he seems to be pretty chipper. And after this picture, he went poop, so all in all it was a pretty productive day.

Of course, we have to take a picture of Sissy too.