Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Next, after TV is the internets.....

So my life revolves around TV and the internets. When not in school, that is. Obviously this bunch of posts is happening because I have some more time. Normally I would be in school at this time, but not now, as I have said, I am on vacay.
Now on to the reason for my post....

Why am I so disturbed by this? Is it because she has a show on Nickelodeon? Is it because she is a role model for young girls everywhere because of said show? Is it because after her sisters trailer park twins, and the obvious cautionary tale she presents, this little bitch still got pregnant? What the HELL is the Mother doing over here. I was giving that woman the benefit of the doubt with Britney, because that idiot is working her own stupid agenda. Clearly that one is beyond help, but Jamie Lynn? 16 years old, Still, technically a minor, (but i am not sure about that any more. Can't she be considered emancipated once she is pregnant? She was probably emacipated as soon as she started making that money) Where the hell was mom? Ok, what was I doing at 16? Besides the point. I wasn't on TV with a show geared at young girls. I am not saying that the Mom should march her daughter out and get an abortion; but how can they turn this around, so it doesn't glamorize teenage pregnancy?
Fricking ridiculous.
I mean, seriously people- this is what happens when white trash gets money. You can take the family out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the family.
And this concludes my rant, thanks for tuning in.

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