Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It was a very good day.

Today was a very good day.

I didn't know it was going to be a good day, and I didn't try to make it one. It just was.

First, my son woke up all on his own, with out any bullying, tickling or harrassment. Jennah and I slept until noon. I got up, and let the chicken outside. Then i made frosting for a cake i made for a classmates surprise baby shower, that I organized. The cake was a white cake, with homemade butter cream frosting, and bananas in between the layers. I frosted it and decorated it with "It's a Girl!". Last night, I put together this awesome gift basket, which included an 80 dollar gift card to target. So, while i was frosting the cake, my chickens voice changed, which is to say, it started clucking it's tail feathers off. Today was the first time it did that. It was a horrible noise but so cute (in a noisy annoying way, but it is different when they are your own). Then I introduced Jennah to the joys of frosting. from there on out it was "Bobby! Please?" Then she would hold up her little index finger like "1" for more frosting. Very hard to say no to. We went and picked up Ayman. Then, I took them both to Del Taco for lunch. At Del Taco, Ayman decided he had to pee which really sucks, because we have to take his shoes and his pants off. But today, i just put him on the toilet. he was kind of looking at me like i was nuts. then i showed him- Push down above your "you know" and pee. Surprisingly, he did it. I was shocked. He is a creature of habit so i totally expected him to revolt but he went with it. The cool thing there was he was surprised how easy it was, to go potty with out taking of his clothes from the waist down. We went home, Ayman sang to me all the way home. I went to school, the surprise baby shower went well and everyone liked my cake. Then we took our final (The first of two) and I got a 141 out of 159- which is pretty freaking kick ass. (For not studying too much at all) So all in all a good day. to some it may be mundane, and very "Mom oriented" but i loved every minute of it. Eh, now i am tired. I am enjoying the Nip/Tuck right now and then off to bed. woo fricking HOO!

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