Monday, December 17, 2007

there is no escape

I am sleepy. I actually didn't have school tonight. I am on vacay. The downside, when i usually get to make my escape, at the time of day when my kids are most irritating, there is no escaping. I am stuck. Ayman is very close to nodding off right now, it is his sheer determination to finish the episode of The Backyardigans that Amr cued up for him, that is preventing him from falling asleep.

Jennah was just in bed with Ayman. We told her she could sleep with him and we went out of the room. Amr and I just stood outside the door. For 3 seconds they were giggling. Then Jennah calls "DAD-DEEE" Amr goes in. she wants water. She drinks water, Amr goes out. Before his hand is off of the door knob, "DAD-DEEE" Amr opens the door- Jennah says "Hi!" OK, no more messing around. I got the crib ready , we put her in it. All is now quiet on the home front.
Hmm, time to chill, if Ican stay awake, and dig on some Kevin McKidd in Journeyman.
I know the above picture is from Rome, but I liked Vorenus, so sue me. It is all good, I say.

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