Friday, December 14, 2007

Tired, my people.

I am tired.
I took my comprehensive lab final last night, and really felt that I tanked it. There were several questions I actually didnt answer and questions i straight up guessed at. I got an 85%. One of the top two scores in the class if not the best in the class. I was shocked. i mean, really shocked. I was thinking if i got a C on that test it would be a total miracle. Hopefully I am going to pull a B+ or if i am really lucky, an A-. That would be awesome, and put me back on the honor roll. I didn't get honor roll last module because i made straight B's, not that there is anything wrong with B's but I like A's better. I heard there is a lot of people failing our class, and I am looking to poach a clinical site closer to home. It may cause me to be a pain in the ass, but if it shaves 90 minutes off of a commute i am happy. I will look into this tomorrow- I havent called Oak Valley hospital yet to confirm my orientation, so I may have wiggle room.
So now I will sleep. Gee, it is only 217 am, actually, that is about right.....

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