Friday, December 14, 2007


I am going to fricking Maric College because of the evening classes, and flexible schedule. They have me going somewhere far away for a clinical rotation. When i found out someone didnt pass the class required to go on clinical, thereby opening up a position, 15 minutes from where i live, I called to ask for that positon. The powertripper I talked to straightup said "no" because it would be "Too much work" This is what I pay 30 grand for? No fricking consideration. What the hell ever. I am not over it. I will work on it, but this isn't over by a long shot. Too much work? PUH-leeze. Consider what you are getting with this school. Consider it for a while if you are thinking of going there, San Joaquin Valley. Most of the faculty cares, but don't expect administration to put out much effort by any means.
Man, I am heated.

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