Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wow, I suck at blogging these days.

I have too much stuff going on. Anyone who knows me knows this. Now add to this a total addiction for the show nip/tuck, and the fact that i have downloaded seasons one thru three onto my computer, and school is getting harder, you can figure out something will suffer somewhere. I can promise you now that i will post awesome pictures of the kids from Halloween, and probably the Eid celebration, which is tommorow. I do have a nice pic of Jennah and Ayman in the tub that i will post tonight. Jennah ran past me to get to the bathroom. I thought she would be waiting for me when I got in there, but she had already gotten in the tub. In her clothes and diaper. It weighed as much as her. She is a nut.
Here is what is new around me.

  • Ayman says "no" way too much

  • Jennah says "no" way too much

  • I have lost 20lbs since august.

  • I have a 3.87 gpa

  • there are 74 alumni from the class of 89 on my myspace reunion page.

  • I am putting off listening to the last disc of "The Time Travellers wife" because I know it ends badly (damn, it Wikipedia).

  • My dad teaches at my school now.

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