Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Playground fun, Firehouse Storytime

She is is too much.

Ayman, having a great time at the playground.

Playing nice together for once.....

Ayman, got to ride in the fire truck, for about 20 feet.

They gave out "helmets"after the tour.

So on Monday, I took the kids to the park for a bit. They played like crazy for about 40 minutes. Then unbeknownst to Ayman, we walked over to the nearby fire station for a Storytime sponsored my the Stockton library. We were the first ones there, so the rookie fireman (very nice guy) let Ayman sit in the fire truck, and even drove him from the garage onto the driveway, Woo Hoo! The library lady read some books, the same rook fireman donned all of his gear, and showed the kids what firemen look like when they have to go in to a fire. He also made a point several times to remind the boys and girls to not run away or hide from the firemen if they come to fight a fire. I thought that was smart. They got to see where the firemen eat sleep and watch tv, then at the end of the tour, they handed our fire hats and sticker "badges" When it was time to go, Ayman did not want to, and tried to stay by holding on to the flag pole. It didn't work. When we got home, he flopped down on the couch and promptly passed out.
It was a good day for the both of them.
Today however, was not a good day for Jennah. She had an eighteen month check up and was the lucky recipient of 5-count 'em- 5 shots. The first one, she didn't notice really. the second placed a puzzling look on her face, the third stuck her bottom lip out, the fourth, well the fourth made her cry and then finally, the fifth made her do the O-so-sad, and somewhat scary, silent scream. The situation was quickly rectified with a Strawberry Shortcake sticker. I hooked her up with some M&Ms, and McDonalds, and she was good to go. When I came home from school tonight though, Amr told me she was walking funny. Poor baby, she was. she won't walk. when she does it is only like 2 steps, and they are stiff leg steps- no bending at the knee. I hope she is better tommorow- It maybe my fault though, I forgot to rub her thighs after the shots. Bad Mommy. I was busy hugging her and forgot to. I suck. Well I started a new module tonight and I actually have homework, so I think i am gonna be a good girl and do that.

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