Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh yeah, post #400!

And of course i am copping out an just putting up some pics from this weekend on the boat-

Dad cleaned it up, changed the oil and put it in the water for the first time this summer. We went out and had a nice picnic. A good time was had by all. Of course i totally ate it getting of the boat- didn't have my sea legs or i have a beatiful keepsake in the form of a huge bruise on my butt, and abrasions on my ankle and both knees. NICE. I like the way Jennah looks in her life preserver. No Neck City.there is also Aymans first day of school, and, Introducing: Jennah Nasr as Captain Underpants, in addition to the requisite self portrait. You know what? I have had my braces on for a year! that means only eight more months or less to go! Holy Jeez, some kooks are claiming Jesus's profile is in a knot of wood on a fence in Lodi. Go figure. Well, time to post and go out to the bike....

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