Sunday, October 04, 2009

Umm, Six month regurge, sorry folks. Time flies.

Okay so yeah, i have been a terrible blogger. Real quick before i go in to all these pictures let me update you on me. I took my CRT exam and passed with flying colors and am now Cassandra Smedley-Nasr, CRT. Yay me! I also went to my 20 year class reunion in August and it was a wonderful time, however i forgot my camera so no pics. Like you care, right? So that is it for me. Lets talk about the above pic, this whole post goes backwards chronologically and i havent got the patience to change it so forgive me.
Above Pic is from my adorable niece, Emilias first birthday. She loves her auntie.

Here is the birthday girl with her adoring cousin fan club.
Thend result of jennahs very first haircut. She was so excited. She wanted to look like her friend Rana. It looks so cute. I gotta say i teared up when I took her for this cut. Yes, i save the hair.
During her haircut. She sat still very good for it.
Jennah before her first big girl haircut. I did this on the second day of school when i decided that i no longer had the patience to brush out all that hair.
Ayman, Mommy and Jennah on the first day of school. Jennah is in preschool and Ayman is in kindergarten.
Jennah was so ecited to go to school, and her class starts 55 minutes after Aymans. She thought i was taking her home, and lost it. Then when we got to the preschool she was all smiles again. Drama Queen.
Here is Jennah and Ayman on the ginormous slide at the county fair. they loved that thing.
Ayman took a trip to the train museum in Sacramento with Uncle Jim, Aunt Cindy, Jacob and Adam. He could not have been more excited, let me tell ya.
Ok her is a bit of silliness. This is 4th of July at my mom and Dads. this guy next to me is Jacob, my cousin. We were all amazed at how much we look like each other, and commented that if you put a goatee on me, we would be twins. well, scroll down.
Jake did a darn fine job photoshoping that goatee on me. LOOK WE'RE TWINS!
Jennah and her Daddy at 4th of July BBQ at gramma and grampas.
Woo Hoo! Sparklers! Ayman loved this, and.....
So did Jennah.
So we went to Mickey Grove, and they had these lorakeets. One Crapped on me, then another one bit me. Freaking birds.
this picture is at Pixie woods, in june Jennah looked so pretty in these hydrangeas. She was all "Look Mom the flowers are beautiful!!!!"
Jennah and Ayman in front of the little train at Pixie Woods. This was a big hit. Helpful himt, dont sit in the first car behind the engine. I had a headache from the deisel fumes. bleh!
Cute face, there, Ayman. Pixie Woods. It was a good day.
McDonalds Picnic before going to Pixie Woods. Grampa and Ayman were yackin' it up.
Millie, Uncle Alex and Ayman at Aymans preschool graduation.
Ayman getting his preschool completion ceritificate from Ms. Sonia. Sonia is now Jennahs preschool teacher.
Millie and her pretty Grandma at Aymans graduation.
The happy familia de Nasr at Aymans graduation, June 3, 2009
Jennah looking like a diva in Gammas sunglasses, at graduation.
This is Cameron, Ayman and Rami getting ready to graduate.

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