Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tea at Uncle Saids after the Katb el Kitab

Uncle Said lives in Nasr City. He built the building when there was nothing around. It was literally out in the desert. Amr tells me people were laughing at him because of this. Well who is laughing now, People? The apartment itself is beautiful, and 2 floors. The upper floor are more causal living in the Western style, and the lower floor is a formal area for receiving guests. The furnishings and decor were beautiful-- and very Middle eastern style, gold trimmed furniture, large oriental rugs, cloisonne vases, very formal.

3ola (i can not pronounce this name, closest think i can pronounce would be Ola) Ahmed, Kooki, and Ayman on Uncle Saids balacona.

The kids being kids....(picture taken by Uncle Maged)

Kooki helps Jennah out with her bzaza. Kooki loves to mother Jennah, it is so cute.

Uncle Maged- a Nasr kid favorite since 2003.

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