Wednesday, February 07, 2007

lots of stuff goin' on over here.

My grampa is really sick. he has tumors on his liver and apparently on his lung as well. He goes to an oncologist on Tuesday, but we can safely say that this isn't a good situation. More to come on that.

I have applied to a local college here for respiratory school after getting dicked around for a month. So now i have to go to a couple frantic appointments before i leave for the Egypt. Uggggh.

Ayman is doing good at preschool and talking a blue streak of late. I am fast approaching the time when i will curse the day I ever said "I wish he would talk already!"

Jennah sleeps in her crib now. She loves it. Her Daddy and I love it. We waited to long to do that. She is a little sweet pea when she is all snuggled in that thing, and she hardly wakes up during the night at all.

Still havent started the packing process for the trip, and my week will go like this: Friday, Dr appt for Jennah. Friday night, work. Saturday hair appointment for me, Saturday night, work. Sunday, Haircut for Amr, Sunday night, work. Monday seems free but i am sure i can book it. Tuesday i have to go back to school and work my financial aid and final contract. My grampa also has a cancer doctor appointment so we should be getting news on that day as well. Wednesday i have to go to a stupid blood breath alcohol class at work for 6 hours, and pick up a Rx, pack suitcases, then Thursday we will send Ayman to school, he comes home at 1230 or so we will pack his carry ons and everything else left over then god only knows what else before we make our way to the bay area for our hellish flight around the globe (or over the pole? hell i really don't know at this point.)

I'll keep everyone posted.

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