Thursday, June 14, 2007

Disregard the fact that my puntuation is nonexistent

Last night i couldn't sleep. Not only was it damn hot, i just couldnt sleep. I went to bed at 0130. at 0300 i gave up and read some email, then went back to bed. At 0410- still awake. finally i got to sleep then something woke me up at around 0730 and guess what ? i have been up ever since. Sheesh. I think when Jennah wakes up i am gonna take them for a walk up to the store to get some lipliner and a can of tiny shrimp. I am going to make Shrimp Louie for dinner.
Could this post be any more boring? I guess I could talk about my period or something. Naaah. Jennah said thank you to me yesterday. Today I am signing up Ayman for general education preschool to go with the special education preschool he also goes to. He is off this week but next week he starts going 4 days a week. I am still trying to decide if i want him evaluated for autism. I am scared of him being labeled for the rest of his life. The special education teachers are not even sure if what is going on with him is autism either- they always talk about "splintered skill sets" he knows all of his abc' colors, numbers, can cross a line at midline, but then some basic things he doesn't do. Or the fact that he repeats things ALOT. 3 1/2 year olds do repeat. I dunno, I guess i am in a mild state of denial. It is just that i have seen so much improvement in the time that he has been in preschool- 6 months that i am at a "wait and see" phase right now. He was only gong 2 days a week. Let's see what the 4 days, and then 5 days starting in August, coupled with the general ed preschool will do for him. I guess. hmmmmph.
ranting, ranting. I have started a multi faceted approach to thinning my fat ass down- eat less, eat more fruit and veggies, less crap, no regular soda, more water and exersise, then if needed dabble in bulimia. I think it will work.
so there you have it rants of a sleep deprived mother of 2....
thanks for taking the time.
ps oh, that kid. he just smoked past me and went into is room, and closed the door. that means poop time. if that kid doesn't turd i am bulking up his gatorade with benefiber.

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