Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween '06

Well, I think I can declare this years Halloween a success. After working on Ayman for the last week or so about trick or treating and having him watch a Dora the Explorer Halloween episode a gillion times, we went trick or treating. Last Wednesday I tried his Elmo costume on him and he had a ridiculous hissy. So being a nice mommy, I made him a Dracula costume. He looked awesome. He really worked the door to door as well. We went trick or treating in my Aunt and Uncles neighborhood in Manteca, not too far away. Ayman had to keep up with his candy crazy cousin Adam. After the first three houses, Ayman was going up to the doors without me, like a pro. I waited out on the side walk with the princess and we watched Ayman collect his booty. (I went through it when I got home. I don't ever remember geting so much stuff. It could have been the cute factor.) So here is what I did in the interest of my sons teeth,and his daddy's sanity-- I got all the good chocolate candy out of the mess and left the crap. We will dole it out to him over the course of who knows how long, but momma has her hook up of Almond Joy, Butterfinger, Snickers and Whoppers. I love Halloween. Yes, Ayman, that is right. when you get big enough to read this you can call me to task for horking your candy, but until then you are none the wiser. I love you, boy. Anyhoo, he was soooooo good and careful and did what I told him to all night- until we got home. Can you say OVERSTIMULATED? Well he was. He got a bath and went to bed. end of story, sort of.

This was Jennah, she slept for most of the trick or treating. she was a good girl. Her Sweet Pea outfit didn't work out so well so we just stuck with her Halloween themed clothing I got her from Target. It was all good. We didn't hear hardly a peep from her all night.
Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt Cindy for having us over to your neighborhood, and thank you Adam for being so patient with your little cousin on his first real Halloween.

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