Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bathtime for babies

Amr gave the kids a bath tonight and I got to take some pictures of the action. Ayman likes to pour water over Jennahs head. She doesn't seem to mind. Now, pour water over his head, and he has a mini hissy. I guess she is just cool like that. We are slowly getting over all the sickness here, but I swear, I was getting sick all over again last night. But, that could have been due to the fact that i only got to sleep for two hours after I got off of work yesterday. Being a mom on 2 hours sleep sucks big time. I miss my mommy. She lets me come to her house on Mondays and she will watch the kids while I catch a nap. It totally helps. She is in Cabo this week so I was out of luck. Yesterday, I even had the kids sleeping at the same time, but when I went to sleep I was so nervous that Jennah was going to wake up, that I couldn't sleep. How stupid is that? Oh and you know what else sucks? After a 16 month reprieve, Aunt Flo has finally come to visit again. That depresses me. I feel like if I was just breastfeeding a little more, she wouldn't have come back yet. And of course she couldn't come visit on one of the two nights I called in sick for work, no no no no. She had to come when I was at work and caught completely unawares. we can say she came unannounced, I mean like, seriously unannounced. I mean, I used to kind of feel her coming. Not this time. Oh well. What can ya do? It had to happen some time. It was good run.

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