Sunday, October 08, 2006

A taste of my own medicine.

When I was little my mom and dad hated to give me medicine, particularly Pepto Bismol, because I would chuck it right back up. My memories of these occasions are slightly different than theirs, however. I can remember telling my mom one night when I had an upset stomach, that I wouldn't take the Pepto because it "makes me throw up." I specifically said this. She made me take the vile stuff and
seconds later pink bismuth and vomit.

Hello, I told you I would barf it up.

Needless to say, I am reminded of this constantly. Well, my son is a good medicine taker. You bring it to him, he takes it.

Not last night.

Every once in a while he will refuse the medicine, and we have to do it "Daddys way" which is to say, we hold him down and force him to swallow it. Last night he was majorly cranky and we had to use this method. So, all together it is 2 tsp of medicine. The first tsp got swallowed with not too much resistance. But the second.... well the second was a different story. He cacked, and finally gagged on it so much we had to raise him up where he promptly yacked on my (freshly washed, from earlier in the week when he got poo on it, ) bed sheet.

Man did his hurl reek. He had pizza earlier in the evening, just cheese of course but, ewwww.

Back in the wash went the sheet.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is a parents revenge in a tiny little nutshell.

Please enjoy, Mom and Dad.

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