Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wooo Frickin' HOOOOO!!!!

I am so stoked. I cannot believe the democrats have the power, again, finally. Nancy Pelosi will be speaker of the house.. Now that isn't just a Democrat. She is a San Fransisco liberal Democrat. So awesome. SUCK IT BUSH. Enjoy the next two years, lame duck. And Rumsfeld, hardee-fricking-har jerkoff, your out of a job, write that one down. And on that note i give you adorable pictures, recently snapped, of my monkeys, enjoy.

Here we have Ayman wearing a stuffed frog easter basket from 2005 on his head while playing a saxophone toy. Totally awesome. Creative too. He has a real sense of style for an almost 3 year old. You really have to appreciate it.

Here are both monkeys. Ayman was playing the never boring game i like to call "Careful, Sissy!" He made it up not me. It goes like this:

me: hey hey hey hey-careful, sissy!

Ayman: Carefool sissy!

Jennah: hehehehe, snort grunt giggle

me, nervous: seriously, Ayman be careful of your sissy, she isn't your pillow! you'll hurt her!

Ayman: Sissy!

Jennah: hehehehehehe snort fart grunt giggle

me, resigned: heyheyhey! look over here at mommy! *click*

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